Super Bowl Joy, Super Bowl Madness

by C. A. Jude Stewart

The G-Men did it again. 21-1­7 over the much-ballyhooed NE Brady Bunch & Captain Americano, Tomasino Brady.
Over the past 2 weeks, I asked local Nawlins’ Saint fans who they’d root for in Super Bowl 46 (enough already with the Latin numerals that 99.9% of fans can’t translate). Over 80% said: NY Giants.

Why, I asked? “Enough already of pretty-boy Brady, his vixen-model wife & their combined $50-million annual pay. We’re going with Southern Man Eli—all the way.” To this lifelong Giants fan, a very sweet vibe, indeed.

The thing most culturally-linguistically galling about comparisons between the NY QB (Eli Manning) & California Dreamin’ Brady is the media’s denigration of Eli, because of his distinctly Southern, self-effacing, hill-billified verbal traits.

Eli’s unrushed. He talks slower, more deliberately, TWANGY. He doesn’t issue neurotic, staccato-beat, rapid-fire, hyped-up, in-your-face nonsense like all self-promoting, vapid, twittering celebrities. False Media Conclusion: Eli’s a dumb-azz cousin of Uncle Crackah.

Reality/The Truth: Eli is a true gentleman — a luminous Deep South hero (New Orleans born ‘n raised, Oxford-educated ’04 graduate of Ole Miss) starring in godless, haughty Yankee Babylonia (NYC) with righteous values.

He exudes the timeless behaviors & gentlemanly class (toward teammates, coaches, refs, fans, the elderly & cynical media types) of old-time Confederate/Robert E. Lee-style aristocrats. Having been educated in the Uptown-French Quarter section of N’awlins at the 110-year old Isidore Newman School, (along with brothers Cooper & Peyton), Eli fits the part. Moronic commentators (re: Tiki Barber) see Eli as stupid, vapid, not tough/vicious enough to be a leader, much less one of the all-time great QBs. But Eli proved he is the best, with his 2nd SB (& MVP) victory.

And why do they denigrate him, still? Because of that Southern Drawl, ya’all.

I gotta extend kudos to Brady: “First, I’d like to give the Giants a lot of credit,” he said. “They certainly made the plays when they needed.”

In defeat, he showed more class than all 4000-plus media SB naysayers. There was a Holy Trinity of NFL QBs: Brees; Brady; Rodgers. Add Eli; it’s a Divine Quad, now. Dante Alighieri is a Giants fan, baby. Oh, yeah.

The flip side of manic SB joy for this literary Giants fan was a murderous week of violent regional madness.

Last Thursday (Feb 2), I was in Mobile as a TV guest on the Patrick Greenwood noontime show (WPMI, LocalTV15’s NBC affiliate), promoting St. Joseph Catholic Church Booster Club’s “Super Bowl BBQ Bash” fundraiser. After the show, I drove down Cottage Hill Road to historic downtown Mobile, meandering around Dauphin, Government & Canal Streets because of the Port City’s impending Mardi Gras parades.

I found myself on Saint Emanuel St, which I drove down on a whim. The Biblical name Emanuel means “God is with us”. I drove past the Mobile County Metro Jail (450 Saint Emanuel St.) & said a quick prayer for all police officers.

A day later, a local menace-to-society murdered Mobile City police officer Steven Green, 36, a married father of 3.

A day after the Mobile madness, two Pensacola North Hill residents were murdered in their homes. Nice, quiet neighborhood.

Super Bowl joy for some. Super Bowl funerals for others.

God is with us; He is. He just wasn’t on Emanuel or N. Spring Streets last weekend, Mardi Gras in the air.

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