Super Bowl Stars Doug Baldwin as Pensacola’s Newest Weapon for Local Youth Inspiration

Doug Baldwin has excelled to the pinnacle of National Football League’s premier showdown grand finale, the NFL’s Super Bowl. It is the final test of the Seattle Seahawks 2013 season as Doug provided the extra macho touch in their NFC win over the San Francisco 49ers with 106 yards on six catches and 109 yards on three kick returns. After the game Doug was lost for words to describe how he felt as he faced the national media he said, “I cannot explain in words this feeling I got right now. I have been saying since the game ended that since I was little, six years old – seven years old, playing at Salvation Army in Pensacola, Florida; I’ve been dreaming about this moment of having an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. You know all of us have. And to be here now in this moment and have that opportunity, it is such a surreal feeling I can’t explain the feeling in words!”

Doug Baldwin, Sr., a retired City of Pensacola Police Lieutenant, was not lost for words in the pride he feels for his son. He stated, “Even as a parent it is a surreal feeling. My son has conquered his own odds of being too short, too small, or not weighing enough. Escambia’s County Commission Chairman Lumon May certainly was not lost for words in his excitement generated by, “Little Dougie’s” professional football achievements. “We are all extremely proud of Doug as he has remained committed to his career.” He remembered Doug from the days that he coached him at the Salvation Army in baseball, recalling him playing center field and running from centerfield and tagging out the runner. May said he told him then that he was the fastest kid he had ever seen.

On Sunday February 2nd at 5:30 PM CST the nation and the world will be focused on the biggest game in professional football between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Doug Baldwin Sr. and Cindy Baldwin will be in the stands at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey watching their son as he and his team competes for being crowned the best of the best. The Super Bowl is a long way from Mighty Mite Division Football at the Salvation Army to Gulf Breeze High School football, and and a team leader on the Stanford University football team.

The Pensacola Voice collaborated with Life Coach Chrissy Carew and her Insightful Player® Series and Author of her book, INSIGHTFUL PLAYER: Football Pros Lead a Bold Movement of Hope on her interview with Doug. She documented the guiding principles of his life learned from his parents as follows:
Instant Replay of Doug Baldwin, Jr.’s Guiding Principles:

1. When negative circumstances occur in your life, don’t spend time asking “Why,” as in “Why did this happen to me?” Instead, ask “How” – as in, “How can I turn this situation around and make it something positive?”
2. Judge people by their actions without passing judgment on them, and use your impressions of them to inform your own decisions about how you choose to interact with them.
3. Follow good examples wherever you witness them: from your parents, your coaches, your teammates.
4. Make it your mission to treat everyone fairly and equally.
5. Stick with what you started. Don’t be a quitter; be persistent in following through on your plans and your goals.
6. Refuse to let your identity become tied up in any one aspect of your personality. Realize that you have many different aspects and can put them all to good use.
7. Understand that you are a physical being and have to take care of your body’s physical requirements for rest, good nutrition, and time to recover from injury or overuse. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that athletes push forward no matter what; honor the basic physical needs that keep your body strong.
8. Don’t let adversity define you. See challenges as interesting opportunities to grow.
9. Remember that no one quality, such as being a strong athlete, is all that you are. Your success depends on your determination and your attitude, not any single skill set.
10. Never underestimate the importance of faith and a solid spiritual core. Regardless of your religious affiliation, what matters is your relationship with your God.

Doug Baldwin in an exclusive interview with the Pensacola Voice asked that the paper, “Make sure that Pensacola knows from me and our family that Doug always acknowledges where he comes from. He is so proud of Pensacola supporting him wherever he goes and he is very proud to represent Pensacola.

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