The Eve of Jackie Wilson starring “Chester Gregory”


Jackie Wilson FlyerFabulous, Terrific, Mind-Blowing, Outstanding, Hot, Extraordinary, and So on!

Chester was JACKIE reborn! He was cool, suave, sexy, dynamic and his operatic, multi-octave vocal range matched that of the “Original One.” The Audience Cheered and sang along with many of “Jackie”s Old hits.”


The Pensacola Little Theater in conjunction with 106.1FM, ABC channel 3 and My 35 television stations brought an Award-Winning Actor, Mr. Chester Gregory to the downtown stage on Friday, August 28 and Saturday, August 29, 2015. The stage performance by Mr. Gregory was all of the superlatives listed above. This writer attended the Friday night performance to a less than sellout but rather enthusiastic audience. The performance made you happy, sad, and moved to tears at this wonderful performance!


The show opened with Allen Paul (son of Dr. Marcus and Rita Paul) as musical director of piano, a Bass Guitarist, Key keyboardist, drummer, and two backup singers accompanying Chester. Chester narrated the life-and-times of the famous “Jackie Wilson” through his 47 Hit tunes that made Jackie a “Super-Star and International R & B Singer” of the 50s, 60s, 70s for 21 years prior to his untimely death on June 21, 1984. He was 49 years old!

To read more about Jackie Wilson, pick up the Pensacola Voice Paper.

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