The Florida State University Sponsors Southeast PeaceJam Slam


By Carlyn A. James

On the 6th day of November, The Florida State University Foundation sponsored its Southeast Region PeaceJam Slam.  High school students gathered on the grounds of the University to hear leaders such asTallahassee Mayor Andrew D. Gillum and others speak.  They were highly encouraged.  Last year, Escambia County students who attended Brown Barge Middle School, raised funds for travel and had an opportunity to meet Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aldolfo Perez Esquivel.  Today they look forward to attending and participating in future workshops.

PeaceJam is an international program which is built around Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.  These individuals are dedicated to working with the youth to enlighten them with wisdom, skills, and motivation.  It also helps inspire future leaders of a new generation to continue to contribute to the world and to be of service to their local communities.  This program is designed to spark commitment to serve justice and peace, develop cross-cultural understanding, social responsibility, global awareness, academic performance, and become positive role models.  The PeaceJam motto states “Change Starts Here”. The Florida State University is the headquarters for the Southeast PeaceJam. For more information on how to make a difference or contribute to this moment, log onto

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