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By Lucius Gantt
I have been a victim of police brutality, false arrest, excessive and wrongful prosecution and a variety of other injustices in my life.
I learned about the importance of protesting about injustice at a very early age. I learned that dissent, disagreement and honorable and peaceful disobedience is a right and not a privilege.
It felt good to see athletes, musicians and even some children initiate increased protests recently after President Donald Trump’s divisive comments about protests inspired by quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decisions to kneel during the playing of National Football League games.
I don’t care how you protest on your job, at your school, at your church, in your community or in your life but you must protest and you must resist evil in government, in politics, in the court system, in the judicial system and everywhere else that evil comments and actions exist!
Personally, I don’t march, I don’t kneel down and I don’t bow down but that is just me and my way to protest may not be the best way for you.
I resist and I, when necessary, rebel!
What bothers me right now is not patriotism, not the flag and not the national anthem.
I am protesting the way the United States government is handling the plights of Black and Hispanic residents in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands who have no homes, no shelter, no power, little food and very little water after the islands were devastated by Hurricane aria!
Are the islanders being ignored and mistreated because of their skin color and ancestry? If the islands were heavily inhabited by white supremacists and neo-nazis would more planes be sent there instead of to the air space near North Korea?
Many of the readers and supporters of The Gantt Report are people of color and they should have some idea how they got where they are.
Black people had to protest, and in many cases, rebel, to stop slavery. They had to protest to get the right to work, to vote, to get educations, to ride public transportation and even to sit and eat at white owned lunch counters.
You have to protest!
People that don’t protest usually don’t teach their children to protest. They also demean, disparage and disrespect people in the community that do stand up, speak out and take part in protests.
But oh, when they get fired, when they can’t vote, when they get brutalized or they get mistreated, they want to run to the protestors. They run to The NAACP. They run to SCLC. They run to the Nation of Islam. They run to the United Nations or the World Court in Holland. They run to Black media outlets. They will even run to you and me.
“Lucius”, they ask, “they won’t let me play football. Can you write an article about that for me?
Well, is there something else good people can do beside kneel down and use a fake name on social media to post something in secret?
Why not call for a recall of any devils in politics that call Black mothers dogs and those that want to take health care coverage from America’s poorest citizens? You don’t have to wait for Republicans in Congress to file impeachment bills, you can work for a recall right now.
You can petition to recall sheet-wearing cone heads that bomb churches and burn crosses.
You can also boycott businesses that support government devils if you can do without your smart phones, leased cars, luxury handbags and red bottom shoes!
You can teach your children to fight for what is right!
The main thing you can do is unite, protest and resist! (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” on and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to,“Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)

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