The Gantt Report: Chump Change Politics


By Lucius Gantt

      Every time I write something about a Black elected official haters are quick to say, “Stop writing about OUR LEADERS”.

     Well, in most instances, I obviously don’t feel I am writing about “leaders”!

     I encourage all Black elected officials to work with all Blacks in the political process, Black legislative staffers, Black lobbyists, Black political consultants, Black political pollsters, Black caterers, and so forth.

    I say that because when an African American gets elected to the Congress, State Legislature or to the city or county commission, they usually don’t know how to find the restrooms in the halls of governing, let alone how to be a good public servant.

    So, what do they do? For the most part, they do what the political devil tells them to do!

     When a campaign contributor tells them to sponsor a bill, they sponsor that bill. When a campaign contributor requests a meeting, the meeting is quickly held. And, When a Black elected official is offered rice and peas (a little bit of money), sometimes they take just the rice!

     OK, you don’t like for me to write like this so you tell me why are so many Black elected officials getting caught up in scandals where political devils make tons of money and all Black elected officials get are the crumbs off of the political table?

    When I ask some of these ladies and gentlemen what in the hell is going on, they say, “Well, the white elected officials are getting paid by political interests so I should get paid too.”

     If only the people you voted for would talk to experienced Black lobbyists they could learn a better way to accomplish their payoff goals.

     Let me explain. Yes, politicians of all races get campaign contributions, gets wined and dined, gets slaps on the back and get a lot of false compliments.

    The elected officials that get in trouble usually are the ones that don’t have a clue about what they are trying to do.

    They just trust the political devil too much and trust their own kind too little.

    I don’t want to name any names but much has been said about a Lieutenant Governor’s resignation but more than one Black elected official is facing jail terms for trying to get paid while being a public servant.

    There are Congressmen, Legislators, Mayors and other Black elected officials getting caught in embarrassing legal situations after getting involved with political devils while trying to generate some chump change.

    Let The Gantt Report help the brothers and sisters.

     First, when you rise up in the political process you should bring your friends along with you. Very few Black elected officials employ their friends on their staffs and even fewer hire their friends to provide campaign services. Some Black elected officials only hire who they are told to hire.

    Secondly, if the political devil wants to pay you off when you become elected just ask them to pay a qualified friend of yours that will be appreciative of such a gesture and who will look out for you after your public service has ended.

     Thirdly, just wait. If white elected officials can all land big lobbying jobs after they retire from office why can’t you? If you are truly smart, you can help political interests get their way and they can help you, after you retire.

     The experienced Black lobbyists and political professionals know the other lobbyists and political professionals to some extent and can easily tell newly elected and appointed Black elected officials who are the good guys and who the political devils are.

      The sad part of all of this is that oftentimes the Black elected officials are merely taking the fall for the wicked politicos. When investigations start and wires start to be worn the political snitch jumps into action.

     If the FBI, Justice Department or someone else gets investigated, the devil being investigated might say, “I didn’t do anything but I’ll give you the Black person.”

     And that is one way how some Black elected officials that are as poor as a church mouse get accused of being in bed with political criminals that attempt to forge, defraud and steal millions!

     Black elected officials, learn how to love and work with other Blacks in politics. Start holding hands with each other and let the devil’s hand go!

     Black elected officials seem to be being overly investigated not because they are public servants, they are being investigated because they are Black and holding a public office that a non-Black should have or could have!

    If you work with political crooks and thieves that commit crimes, you might have to do the time! (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” at any major book store, like The Gantt Report page on Facebook and contact Lucius at

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