The Gantt Report: Political Parties Don’t Deserve Respect

The Gantt Report is read around the world and wherever TGR readers are politicians are there also.

     There are also political parties everywhere. Political Parties are in the United Kingdom, in the United States, in Europe, in Africa, in Asia, they are in the Caribbean and they are in South America.

     You can love your political party but don’t even go to sleep and dream about respecting it.

    No political party, wherever it is, deserves your respect individuals do!

     Don’t get me wrong, there are a few “good” people in most political parties but if you look at the mass membership of any political party you will find devils, beasts, racists, crooks, criminals, drug users, people abusers, con men, whores and some of every other kind of men and women!

     You see, the political party in a nation, state, community or a neighborhood is usually made of from residents of that place. Whatever kind of people you will find in your neighborhood, so to speak, you can find in the political parties of that neighborhood!

      Don’t be surprised if the elected official and party member that represents you takes a bribe, gets caught with drugs, gets accused of domestic violence or gets pulled over by cops for drunk driving.

      In my 20 year career as a government lobbyist I’ve seen politicians of both major political parties accepting money and other “gifts” from people. I’ve seen married political party members soliciting prostitutes and seeking sex from staff members and colleagues. I’ve seen actual fist fights take place that involved members of political parties. I’ve seen elected officials knock on the door and enter drug houses!

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