The Hanniton Watts American Legion Post 193 Hold Installation of Officers

The Hanniton Watts American Legion Post 193 Hold Installation of Officers


The Hanniton Watts American Legion Post 193 and Unit 193 held their 2015-2016 Installation of Officers Ceremony of the Legionnaires and Auxiliary on Sunday, July 19th at 2:00 pm at their location at 2708 N. 12th Avenue.  Vincent L. Simpson was reinstalled as the Post 193 Commander for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.  The event was held during a vicious thunderstorm to a packed room of Post 193 membership and visitors, but the event went on without interruption.

The Hanniton Watts Post 193 was organized in early 1946 by Dr. E.S. Cobb, Clifford McQueen, Harry Whitaker and eleven other veterans who lived in the community and had served in the World Wars. Upon application and approval by the American Legion Department, State of Florida, Post 193 received its temporary charter on July 22, 1946. On June 21, 1962, Post 193 received its permanent charter.  In earlier years members met their personal homes, however, in 1971 the first Post Home was purchased and in 1982 the organization moved to its current location at 2708 N. 12th Avenue on Pensacola’s eastside.

The mission of the American Legion Post is to promote unity through programs and activities that’s in keeping with the aims and purposes of the American Legion. Promote and support the programs for veterans and their families, youth, and community. Instill patriotism and provide an atmosphere for Comrades and their families who share like interest.  Service Officer, Michelle Hunter Coger, who served as Mistress of Ceremonies was also reinstalled, shared with the Pensacola Voice that the veteran’s organization continues to assist with helping members with their transitioning from the military to civilian life.  Services include assisting veterans to obtain their benefits in education and housing.

In United States Marine Corps Viet-Nam Veteran, Ollie B. Todd, Jr., was presented his military dog tags at a Saturday January 24th ceremony at Post 193 at 2708 N. 12th Avenue in Pensacola, Florida.  Todd lost his dog tags during his stay in Viet-Nam.  He says, “I must have been running mighty hard or I got hurt when I lost my dog tags.  I kept up with these things when I served in the military in 1964.”  He was stationed on the USS Forestall during his time in Viet Nam.

In January, Michelle Coger, the Service Officer and the Post Commander, Vincent Simpson coordinated the presentation called the Project Dog Tag Return Program honoring United States Marine Corps Viet-Nam Veteran, Ollie B. Todd, Jr., who was presented his military dog tags.   Todd was surrounded by his family, friends, and other veterans in attendance during the ceremony.

The Post 193 Administrative Committee members installed included J. Byron Long, 1st Vice Commander, Roy F. Smith, 2nd Vice Commander; Robbie Gregg, Adjutant; Sherry Padgett, Executive Committee; David Kennedy, Executive Committee; Linda White, Chaplin; and Dan Stanton, House Chairman.




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