A Point of View – ‘WHO IS YOUR LORD?’

By:  Donna Hornbuckle

A very important question and perhaps a question you feel you do not have to answer or it never crossed your mind because you already know who your Lord is; but, recently, this question did cross my mind and I got to thinking about it and the more I thought about it, the more intense it became. With that kind of in- tensity going on ‘in my spirit’, I felt I needed to write what I perceived the Lord would have me to write. From a Christian perspective, we can unequivocally say that our Lord is Jesus Christ.  When you think about the definition of the word ‘Lord’ there are certainly many meanings such as:  Someone having power, authority or influence, king or ruler.  The Hebrew name for Lord is Adonai meaning Father. Jesus Christ is that someone with power, authority, influence, a King and Ruler and I believe the Lord would have me focus on presenting questions to the readers to think and pray about so that changes that need to occur can possibly happen.  Here are a few of those questions: Who or what has your attention been consistently drawn to?  What or who do you think about all the time?  What do you spend your spare time doing and who or what do you plan your day around?

When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord, religion goes out the door. It is not about religion it is about a personal, intimate relationship with your Creator. He becomes everything to you, your ‘all and all’, your BFF (Best Friend Forever) and you involve Him in every single part of your life!  He is a trusted and devoted friend like no other!   So, it becomes impossible to go through your day without engaging Him. It is not deep my friends. Walking and talking to Jesus is easy, natural, calming and reassuring. It hurts my heart when I realize that people wake up every morning and God is NOT on their minds.  The fact that one wakes up at all is a good reason to THANK Him but so many still do not. The Lord is not even a consideration as a possible solution for daily problems and challenges that many face. He isn’t acknowledged or even asked and many never say, ‘Good morning Lord, what’s on the agenda for the day?’ Why is this? Because there are Christian believers in Jesus Christ and there are non-believers; however, either way, we all have to be careful about letting other things and people become ‘our Lord’. For an example, Christian believers and non-believers  both  ‘worry’ about tomorrow and so many other topics. Has ‘worrying’ now become your ‘lord’, your focus or as a Christian believer, will you trust that Jesus will guide and help you?  When any of us worry we are basically saying ‘I don’t trust God to handle this. I will handle this myself’ .   Look, it is so simple to me. Jesus loves us dear heart, so stop your worrying. Ask Him and He will give you peace that even you can’t figure out! Glory to God! So that situation you had all planned out and it didn’t work out your way, what’s your attitude? Do you turn to Jesus or someone else?   OK, you found out some people were talking about you, rejected and hurt your feelings.  How do you handle that?  Listen, I know how crazy and complicated things can get in one’s life and everyone, I mean everyone has a story to  tell with issues that seem impossible; BUT, I know a King, a person of LOVE and INFLUENCE that is greatly in love with YOU!  His Name is JESUS! When no one else wants you, He does!  When you can’t understand why you were mistreated and it hurts you all the time, Jesus knows EXACTLY what you need and will heal your heart!  Oh Yes, Amen He will!  You have to PROVE to yourself that the Lord will do what He promised in His Word! If you don’t know what is in His Word, may I recommend you first accept the Lord in your life (if you are not a Christian) by saying the prayer at the end of this  article and then after that, ASK the Lord to direct you to a good Bible teaching church. You would need to go on a regular basis and learn to study the Bible for yourself. The Lord will guide your steps and direct your paths as long as you allow Him to do so.  Yes that’s right, you make the choice.  God will never force you to do anything against your will. He loves you way too much but it is so important that you maintain and grow your closeness to Him through prayer, praise, church attendance and Bible studying.

The bottomline is nothing should replace Jesus in your life. Consult with Him first and please hand it all over to Him! When we ‘cast those burdens’ over to the Lord, life becomes sweeter and much easier. I’m not saying that problems will not happen, Jesus said we would have them but He also said REJOICE for He has overcome them! There is absolutely nothing He cannot work out when TRUSTING HIM is in your heart and with your actions! When you say you trust Him, do you? What do you say and what do you do when bad news arrives? Do you ask God for help first? The Bible says, ‘whose report will you believe?’ Do you trust what the Lord said in His Word to actually put it into practice? If you do, this is now you build your faith and faith pleases God! God is looking for faith people living His Word in day to day situations. To do this, we must constantly be aware of what we are looking at, hanging out with, reading and talking about.  What you do every day, allow the Word of God to be your final authorization.  Learn to ‘let go and let God’ and truly TRUST Him, but we must practice, practice, practice until your attitude, words and actions quickly reflect it. Ok, so some of you are saying I don’t know how to let go and let God, and turn it over to him because I don’t know Him. I am glad you are admitting that fact.  The next question to you is simple:  ‘Would you like to make Jesus  YOUR LORD?’ A most critical question.  Who will be your Lord God? Who or what will turn the tide about your situation? Some think they don’t need a Saviour and they can handle it all; but, be- lieve me when I say this, there will come a time when you will not have the answer and will not know what do and you WILL call on the Name of Jesus!  So if you are ready to make the BEST DECISION of your life, please pray this prayer out loud with all your heart and Jesus will come to live inside you, ready to be ‘your Lord’. PRAYER FOR SALVATION: Lord God, forgive me for I am a sinner and I have not lived a life pleasing to You. Today I would like to become yours forever. I accept Your Son Jesus as my Lord and Saviour who died for my sins on the cross so I would have a place in heaven. I believe He was resurrected and is with You now. Thank you Lord that today I become your child! AMEN



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