The Power of networking: The Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce


By Katrice Johnson

With a leap of faith, self-starter entrepreneur, Cordarrell Grimsley, started his own lawn care business. Grimsley, a Pensacola native, decided to pursue his dreams with his newly founded company.  So, he started West Pensacola Lawn Care where the motto is “We aim to please.”

The company, started this past February, now employs two people. Grimsley’s company not only has regular residential clients, but he has recently obtained a contract through Escambia County.  Just recently Grimsley attended a Gulf Coast African American Chamber general body meeting where the Board of Directors were the guest speakers. There Grimsley met board member Jibril Suliman, and the power of networking began.

Grimsley was able to meet other African American business owners in the community at this event.  He was so pleased that he decided he would sign up his company to become a member of the chamber as well.

Board member Suliman recently used West Pensacola Lawn Care Services at his home.  Suliman was very pleased with his lawn care service and will now use Grimsley’s company for his regular lawn care maintenance.

I asked Grimsley what was his vision for West Pensacola Lawn Care.  He stated that he would like to be one of the top companies in the area, and still give the best customer service possible.  He also stated that he is now pursing contracts with banks, retail stores and several real estate companies in the area.  I also asked Grimsley, how can the Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce help your business?  He stated that he believed the chamber can help him in many ways, especially by providing professional assistance to grow his business and by providing him with the resources to do so.

If you would like further information about services provided by Grimsley’s company, West Pensacola Lawn Care, please contact him at (850)341-5076.  Also, if you would like more information on how to become a member of the Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce and use the power of networking, please feel free to stop by the office located on 619 N. De Villiers Street, Pensacola, FL , (850)438-3993, visit the website  You an also like the chamber’s page on Facebook.

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