The Role of a Professional Caregiver

As a childcare professional (teacher), you are presented with many various circumstances that can be challenging and rewarding.  Teachers in this field must be recognized for the work and responsibility they take on each time a child is placed with them.  Having the ability to work and involve yourself every day with children is a gift that not everyone processes. Being a professional teacher requires continual patience and practice that comes with a wide range of responsibilities.  Not only are the teachers responsible for the physical care of the child, but also for the developmental practices that include: curriculums, engaging activities, positive learning experiences, daily routine schedules that are inclusive of all children:  considering the culture, disabilities, and development of each child.  Also, it’s important for those of us in childcare to remember our additional responsibilities of providing a warm, loving, caring environment; while we promoting and providing quality care and education to every child who comes to us.

As caregivers we understand that we are responsible for making important decisions; being careful to enhance and not hinder the growth and development of children.  Because we understand our role and goals for the children the rewards of fulfillment and accomplishment are mutually shared.

The major role of a caregiver can be challenging and overwhelming.  Especially, when you really care about the overall mental, emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being of a child.  Equally important, childcare professional can continue to be successful caregivers and maintain a quality program by implementing continual effective guidelines that are easy and fun for the children.

As a teacher in a quality program, we need to maintain organized daily experiences, achievable activities, and schedules that are developmentally appropriate for each child according to the age group.  Some of these experiences will include story time, art, dramatic play, music, etc.  Remembering to provide these activities will enhance cognitive, language, fine and gross motor skills, etc.  of a young child. Implementing these skills will enhance and promote positive growth for the children.

Teachers must have a conscience awareness to include all children in the program; an inclusive environment provides the ability to accept and appreciate differences in others.

I have seen children over the years achieve goals and task that they felt was once unachievable; after encouragement and building of their self-esteem, the children were able to reach the desired goal.  Witnessing the smile on their face and the joy of accomplishment is “PRICELESS”.  Therefore, it is important for us to strengthen the minds of all the young children that we are privileged to come in contact with.

Now that our new school year has begun, teachers please remember to put the children FIRST, teach them well, keep a watchful eye on them, and give lots of TLC at all times.

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