The “SEVENTIFYING” of Mamie Hixon

IMG_5858By: Tonya Jackson

On Saturday, April 2nd, Mamie Hixon, also known as the Diva of Dance, held her Seventifying Celebration and invited a few hundred of her fabulous friends. Those in attendance included family, lifelong friends, her sorors, members of the UWF community, dance partners, members of dance groups, and other community adorers to name but a few.

The evening began with attendees receiving, hugs from her as they entered New World Landing, followed by her “I Hope You Dance” presentation. Before the event Hixon gave strict instructions, “Just DRESS UP like a ‘Jazzy Lady’ or a ‘Classic Man’; that is, wear something that WOWS everybody – something for everybody else to oooh and ahhh about”. She further instructed that her celebration was, “Dedicated to the art and passion of dancing for my sassy, soulful, sensational, sexy, snappy, spiffy, stylish friends: womenfriends AND menfriends.”

Hixon promised, “No roasts, no toasts, no speeches – just dancing” and she almost delivered, exceptions were made for District 3 County Commissioner Luman May and Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward, who each presented her with proclamations. Hayward and Hixon even shared a dance.

Mamie Hixon, the Diva of Dance, is 70!

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