The two-party system is dying. And it has to if our Republic is to survive

By: Calen Fretts
C­­­itizens across our great nation are realizing that the Republicans and Democrats in Washington no longer represent their interests, and they’re ready for a severe change to the political status quo. No longer is the concept of “throwing your vote away” relevant. What does it really matter, if the alternatives – the Republicans and Democrats – have become two wings of the same party, the Big Government party?

The U.S. government borrows more than $40,000 per second. If you’re the average American, the U.S. government added to your tab more than you make in a year in the time it took to read this sentence. What they don’t borrow, they print. And what they don’t print, they take from you, in the form of taxation.

As if that weren’t enough, Congress seems intent on making life hard on the American people. From the drug war, to the Patriot Act, to the TSA, to the NDAA, their assaults on the civil liberties of nonviolent, innocent American citizens seem to be intensifying at an exponential rate.

The rule of law in America is deteriorating as white-collar “banksters” are rewarded for defrauding billions of dollars from blue collar Americans. All this has been enabled by both Republican and Democrat politicians alike for decades.

Past U.S. Presidents like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be shocked at our modern government. They grew hemp and made moonshine, both of which are illegal today. They did not ask for permission to own and carry a firearm. They certainly did not obtain a permit to wager a bet on a friendly game of cards. By all accounts, Washington and Jefferson, those symbols of American liberty, would be common criminals in modern America. Our Congress has stacked the deck in this way, because it enables them to play out the game in their favor.

The message of Liberty was, and is, about individual empowerment. The ability to live free of force from others. To live in a nation of laws, not of men. To enjoy the comfort of one’s own castle, where every man is his own king. The government’s role is not to give us rights (which it cannot do), nor to infringe upon them; but rather, simply to protect our natural rights.

It is truly liberating to release oneself from the confines of the two-party box; to no longer be required to make excuses for one politician or another’s repeated shortfalls; to have real choice.

Perhaps our cry can best be summed up by five words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “We want to be free.” We just want the opportunity to live the American dream.

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