The Village

This is an open letter to the community, which I will hereafter call the “Village.”
I use the term “Village” because this involves all of us.
The intent of this letter is to make you aware of what’s happening at a place as innocent as your local mall, mainly Cordova Mall.

Each week we, the local Pensacola NAACP, and several Ministers of the community are there. You may ask WHY and my answer is, we have seen family members drop their youth off at Cordova Mall. However, they are not returning before the mall closes to pick them up.

The Mall Closes at 9:00pm

The number of youth as young as 5th graders are increasing, we are there working in Partnership with our local Police Department to insure your child gets home safely.

We are here to help and try to prevent you from getting that dreaded late night call.

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