The Walls Group Brings Support and Purpose to Mobile

IMG_3039On Friday May 29, 2015 GLR Productions put on a Benefit Concert to help eight month old Lakelyn Parker Richardson who was diagnosed, at the age of six weeks, with cirrhosis of the liver.  In a fight for her life, Lakelyn has beat the odds and survived.  After hearing the story of Lakelyn and her family, GLR Productions got involved to help raise money for her operation.  Elrico Tunstall, a native of Pensacola and CEO of GLR Productions, discovered the plight of little Lakelyn and decided to organize the Benefit Concert featuring Grammy Nominated artists, the Walls Group.  For months he has been promoting this event in every venue.  He used social media, radio, newspapers and television to raise awareness about Lakelyn’s situation.  In addition, Elrico and his staff, had gone ‘door to door’ and to several churches and various local functions to highlight and inform the community about Lakelyn and the Benefit Concert.

The Walls Group, consists of four phenomenal singers, including a brother and sister and the group is from Houston, TX.  They came from their Texas home to Mobile, AL to put on the Benefit Concert for little Lakelyn.  They decided to do the concert to help Lakelyn and her family because of all the hardships that Lakelyn and her family have endured.  Not only was Lakelyn diagnosed with liver disease, but her mother who is only 18 years old and lives with Lakelyn’s grandmother, lost their home and all of their possessions in a fire just recently. Since then, the family has had to stay at the Ronald McDonald house in Mobile while Lakelyn has been in the hospital.  The Walls Group decided to use their position and fame to be a blessing to someone that was really in dire need.  The concert tickets were $5, $10, and $15 and went on sale across the Gulf Coast and beyond.  People from Mississippi all the way to Georgia purchased the tickets and came to the concert.  For every ticket that was sold forty percent of the proceeds went to helping Lakelyn and her family with the expenses and to get the operation that is so desperately needed. IMG_3146

The Pensacola Voice asked the Walls Group what were they expecting God to do at the event?  Darrel Wall, the spokesperson and lead singer of the group, stated “I’m expecting Him to remind His people that He is still God.  That He can do anything, and that He is sovereign and just.  And, no matter what, all things work together for the good of them that love God.”  In  addition he stated, that “He wants the people to walk away with never giving up on God.” The Pensacola Voice asked the group, “Where do you see God taking you in the future.”  Darrel stated “Wherever God decides to take us is fine with us.  We just don’t believe that God is a God that should be boxed in, so we don’t want to be boxed in either.” Darrell, also stated, “God may even allow us to do a movie.  So, whatever He wants to do we are okay with it.”  This group came with purpose, not just performing in a show, but taking time out of their schedule to make a trip to actually meet with little Lakelyn and her family a month before the event actually took place.

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