Second Ella L. Jordan home Clean-up

BY: Wesley Martin“It was a lot of work, “said Mack Wafford of NAS Pensacola. “Obviously, as you can see with all the bags that we’re loading into the dumpster truck.”
Last Saturday, October 13, community members and military volunteers began the second clean-up of the Ella L. Jordan Home (located on the corners of La Rua and “C” streets”).
Wafford said that during the last clean-up (September 15), which lasted for about six hours, 10 volunteers cut overly-grown grass and removed over 70 percent of the debris that littered the inside of the home.
“We always like to help out with the community,” Wafford said who was previously stationed at NAS 13 years ago. “With the military, we always like to help out with community … With the history of the facility here, where it held [educational] and social events for the community. It’s great that [Mother Wit] wants to restore the house to be utilized for future generations.”
Jerry McIntosh, member of the Steering Committee who also assists with public relations for the group believes that when the home is restored, it can have a positive impact on the community like had years before.
“Many times we fight to get away from the community rather than fighting to rebuild the community,” McIntosh said.
McIntosh believes this initiative will not only benefit the youth, but the whole neighborhood.
“I think it will spark something that will cause the people in this community to also want to do upkeep and [instill] a sense of pride on their community … it will bring new life.”

Want to help? Individuals can lend a helping hand by donating money, in-kind services and volunteering time to the refurbishing project. Monetary donations can be made payable to: Mother Wit Institute Inc., for the Ella L. Jordan Home. Please mail donations to P.O. Box 13323, Pensacola, FL 32591.
For more information, contact Linda Wright (712-0120) or Jerry McIntosh (968-2741).

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