Top of the Bottom Ministries Celebrates Fun Times in Community


Saturday children and community friends had a blast at the “Splash Back to School Party sponsored by the Top of The Bottom Ministries.  “A lot of times our children do not have the opportunity to go to Disney Land and other places, so we had this event to just let them know that they are special.  I try to teach them that they are not victims but are young people that can give back to the community they live in,” Pastor Williams stated.

The children enjoyed swimming pools, trampolines, barbers to cut the young men’s hair and face painting.
The week prior Top of the Bottom Ministries held their Back to School event, giving out school supplies and back packs to any and everyone who needed it.

“FCAT does not teach our children about their heritage or how their parents had to struggle for human rights so we want to teach them things that will be valuable to their character as well,” he said.

“They don’t have an idea what’s going on in life.  They (the teenage girls) organized the affair and had community members come out and cook the children a good wholesome meal. “   He said. “ It was a time of just having fun before school started.”

Located at 2924 Mission Road, Top of the Bottom Ministries has been instrumental in getting the barbed wire removed from the walls of Truman Arms Apartments and holding stop the violence campaigns throughout the community.

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