By Wesley Martin

The topic of death isn’t to be taken lightly – unless you want it to be. The Tracy Morton Memorial Chapel (55 Coast Rd.) held an informational, “Truth & Inside Scoop” Funeral Planning seminar, last week Friday. Topics ranged from Social Security and life insurance to living will and burial costs.

The subject matter was serious, but the tone wasn’t (for the most part). From a comedic skit featuring “Mama Kizzy” and Tracy Morton to the humorous life insurance presentation of Bill Simmons, the event educated and captivated many in attendance.

“The inspiration was basically getting the word out into the community to let them know that pre-planning your services in advance isn’t taboo,” said Morton, funeral director and embalmer. “You just want to be prepared and not leave your family with unfinished business or unanswered questions.”

“At the end of the day you don’t want to leave your family without a clue on what to do,” Morton continued. “I think it’s an individual’s responsibility that they have their life in order as far as when they’re going to die.”

Morton says it’s inconsiderate to leave behind bills for surviving love-ones. She also says people should begin making these end of life plans as soon as possible.

Morton not only advises parents to invest in life insurance for themselves, but for their children as well.

“God calls everybody home – young and the old,” Morton said. “You don’t want to be stuck having to bury your child and you don’t have the funds.”

“Life insurance is not only for funerals,” she continued. “It’s also helps those you leave behind. Parents should want to make sure that their children are taken care of, especially if they’re still young.”

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