Trinity Welcomes New Pastor


When you paint a picture of a true humanitarian, Pastor   Frederick L Henderson Jr. fits the mode.  Pastor Henderson, the new Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church truly believes in discipleship.

First studying under the leadership of Rev. Bernard Yates of Zion Hope Primitive Baptist Church in 2001,  he states he didn’t really think that God was actually calling him to the ministry.  “I continued to serve in the church and studying.  My wife intervened and said ‘you are constantly reading and constantly studying, you sure you are not missing anything?  And then I began to have dreams as a lot ministers have.  I just wasn’t sure that He was calling me into the ministry.  At the time Pastor Henderson was working at Champion Industries.  While there, he had an accident that put him on total disability.  “I was told that I would never physically work again,” he said.   But God had a plan.  “That’s when I realized that God became evident what He was doing.  I know understood what it was all about and accepted my calling under Bernard C, Yates.  I didn’t do anything about it.  I just went back to college.”  Pastor Henderson then received his Associate Degree in Divinity and then his Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies.  “I preached my first sermon at Zion Hope Church in 2006.  I realized that God was moving me in a different direction.  I began hanging out with a lot of pastors on the missionary side of ministry,” he stated.

God then moved him to Greater True Vine where he served under the leadership of Pastor Isaac
Williams for a time.  “Sometimes we don’t understand what God is doing.  I had been told I would never work again and I heard God say ‘Go Back to work,.  So I began wondering how I could go back to work and had been told I was 100% disabled.  So I began volunteering work here At The Waterfront Rescue Mission and this was at the time God was saying Go back to work.

“One day these people said to me we would like to extend you a position here, so I knew God was affirming what He said.  I never had to look for a job, the job was just available.  I had no idea that it was going to entail all that it entails and it really took my ministry to a different level.  .  So once He did that, I relinquished my disability and considered myself healed.

Pastor Henderson is now the Chaplin of The WaterFront Rescue Mission that handled an average of 200 men daily.

“I’m back at work full time and it led to Trinity Baptist Church.  So it has been an adventure,” he said.

He credits his wife as being a strong powerful woman of God.  “She is a blessing to my family.  Before I became a pastor, I preached every Sunday at a different church and she supported me whole heartedly.

Since he has begun pastoring at Trinity, he has expressed the desire to have a church for all people.  “We are not going to have a heaven that has an African American side and a Hispanic side or any side.  We are all going to be in one heaven united.

“I’m just going to do what God has for me; Nothing more or nothing less.”.

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