Truth for Youth Celebrates Their 20th Year Anniversary

Truth for Youth, a faith based organization with non-denominational practices, celebrated their 20th year anniversary. Although originating as an individual vision in January of 1993 by founder, Rev. John Powell, Truth for Youth a 501(c)3, has taken services to the youth in their schools.,
their churches, their parks, their community centers, and their streets. “Started at the Fricker Center the organization has
now purchased the building at 432 West Belmont Street (the Old Smith’s Bakery) in Belmont-DeVilliers, Downtown.

The program began with a welcome by Ms. Linda Green, Sargent at Arms Parliamentarian, followed by Invocation with Mr. Mark Taylor. As the crowd enjoyed a musical selection by Ms. Teresa Wadley Johnson, special speaker, Mr. Robert Hill, Owner of WRNE 980 paid tribute to Rev. Powell.

John Powell, Jr. entertained the audience with a violin solo and Anthony Williams also rendered a musical selection.

“When Donte Sheppard spoke, he brought tears to my eyes,” said Rev. Powell. He came to all of the lock-ins at the Civic Center and saved all of the memorabilia from Truth for Youth.” He said. “He told us that when I spoke, everyone got quiet. I had a commanding voice.”

“I am thankful for those who came. It is better to have good friends than to have money,” said Rev. Powell.

Through the acquisition of the Belmont Building, Truth for Youth, Inc. is prepared to enhance and expand existing programs by providing centralized access to resources, collaborative opportunities, and various creative community efforts. Additionally, the Truth for Youth Learning & Resource
Center shall function within the Belmont Building to provide exceptional program opportunities.

The Belmont Building requires a new roof, renovations and repairs. Your fi nancial support will contribute to the preservation of this facility, and will enable participants to enjoy a sense of community.

“You may support our “Raise The Roof” Building Fund efforts by making a tax

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