Truth for Youth Lock-In Begins in Milton



Families and children enjoyed an evening of fun and laughter as children played and enjoyed receiving gifts at the Milton Gym Sunday evening. “We had an outstanding time,” said Rev. John Powell. “Over 600 children and families attended.” He said. “The Sheriff of Santa Rosa County came out and had a fantastic question and answer time. The City of Milton sent their administrative person out to interact and the children eagerly asked questions to both the Sheriff and City. To add to the excitement, Santa Rosa Sheriff brought out their dogs and everyone had a chance to talk about them and see how they responded to commands.

Minister Patsy Jones was instrumental in getting the deputies there.

“We want to thank Toys for Tots, Walmart, Earl Jones of Modern Woodman and Pastor Lorenzo Downing for assisting in helping to make this a wonderful occasion.” Said Rev. Powell

The gym was filled. The children were wonderful and enjoyed delicious food that was delivered just for them. Visa cards loaded with $20 were given as well as cash.

In Century, Henry Hawkins and Earl Jones of Modern Woodman made sure children from Century were there to participate.

“The recipients of gifts given this year were given to low-income at-risk homes. And I have to add they were very courteous and respectful.

We emphasized two things to the children this year. 1. The pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and 2. Honor their prayer being led. It’s all about respecting other people’s culture as well as their beliefs as well.

“Brewton and other parts of Alabama came to be with us.” Said Powell. “It was good to watch the children look back as they were leaving and see someone who looked like them making their Christmas a special one.”

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