Tuskegee Alum Hit the Links

By: Wesley Martin
Last Saturday, November 10, The Greater Pensacola Tuskegee Alumni Club hosted its’ 5th Annual Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament at the Osceola Golf Course. The Scholarship is named for the late Joe Morris, Jr. of the Joe Morris & Son Funeral Home.
Dr. Lusharon Wiley, Associate Dean of Students & Director for Inclusion Services and Programs at the University of West Florida, serves as an executive committee member for the alumni club. She explained why the scholarship was named for Morris.
“After his untimely death, one of his good friends and a person who had also been at Tuskegee with him, Dr. Roosevelt McCorvey, had the vision of starting a scholarship in honor of Joe Morris,” Wiley said. “It was something they had talked about before Joe died, but its implementation was after his untimely death,” she added.
Ranked the seventh best Historically Black College and/or University (HBCU) by the US News & World Report, Wiley says the purpose for this event is to raise money so the alumni can assist current or future students interested in attending Tuskegee University.
“We’re committed to giving [students] the same amount of money each year,” Wiley said. “It’s not just a one-time thing. We want them to know that this is a pocket of money they can count on for their time at the university.”
Sandy Sansing, who even offered a “Hole in One Prize” of a mini coup car, sponsored the Tournament. Sadly, no one was lucky enough to make hole in one Saturday.
Janet Pichon, a 1983 graduate of the university, says she attended the tournament because she has a great love for her alma mater.
“I love it with my whole heart,” Pichon said. “It’s a great school and you’ll get one of the best educations.”
Dr. Lusharon Wiley said the alumni group has aspirations to continue to grow locally.
“We’d like to see more of the greater Pensacola Tuskegee folks come out and join the tournament, join the association so that we can do more,” Wiley said.
“One of the things that we know, those of us who have attended Historically Black Colleges and Universities, is that it is a very close sister and brotherhood,” Wiley continued, “All of us, in this struggle to educate ourselves and move ourselves forward, have to combine forces so that we make the world more inclusive for all students, and especially our students.”
As for Saturday’s tournament results: 1st Place-Nick Geeker, Anthony Shoemo; 2nd Place-Ray Flores, Jon Flores; 3rd Place-Mike Nguyen, Carl Palmer; 4th Place-Tony Williams, Robert Sea
For more information on the scholarship’s requirements, please call 850.293.6968

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