U.S. Senate candidate Deon Long visits Pensacola

By Greg Fink

(Photo by Greg Fink) Deon Long (right) talks one on one to local supporter at the Pensacola Improv Tuesday evening
United States senate candidate Deon Long, R-Fla., attended a meet and greet at the Pensacola Improv Event Center Tuesday evening. At the meeting, Long discussed his historic bid — he is the first African American republican to run to the US senate.

“Right now we are in a good position to end up very successful in this campaign,” Long said. “We have a great strategy and we are going to be in the race for the long haul.”

Long openly stated that he does not have a long complicated plan to move the country in one direction or another. Rather, his plan is simple and straight to the point.

“I have four platform issues including: getting rid of the Internal Revenue Service and going to a consumption tax; stop deficit spending and move toward a balanced budget; go back to the gold standard and destroy the federal reserve regarding our monetary policy and finally go to equal and free trade.  These are what we must do to get this nation on the right track,” Long said.

When asked why his first run for elected office is for such a prestigious position, Long stated, “I do not want to work for government for government’s sake.  I’m running this race to do what is right for the American people.  The people are what this race is about.”

Long credited his approach to the race to his rural upbringing in Marianna, Fla. Long currently works as an attorney and lives in the Orlando area.

For more information on Long and his campaign, please visit his website at www.deanlong.org.

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