Understanding Lumon May

Lumon May talks openly about his life, asperations, and convictions

The Pensacola Voice had the oppurtunity to talk with Lumon May at length about his convictions and things everybody asks secretly but were to afraid to ask openly. Here is his response to those questions.

Question: Why did you decide to run for office?
“I’ve been involved in this community all my life…I decided to run for District 3 because I lived here and I saw an opportunity to help. That’s what my life has been about  – service. I’ve been a little league coach, I ran community centers all my life. I just saw this as another avenue to spread my wings – spread my scope in really being able to help young people and help my community.”
Question: What political experience do you have?
My political experience actually started back in high school, getting involved in student government…I interned in college, for Senator Connie Mack…my undergrad degree was in Political Science, so I have a Bachelor’s in Political Science. I’ve worked on numerous campaigns… I’ve worked on Alex Sink I was one of the point people for Alex Sink and her campaign…I’ve worked for  former congressman  Kendrick Meek –  who is a good friend of mine –  I headed up his campaign in Northwest Florida. And also –  although we’re new –  in 2008 we ran for , we got involved with the Obama campaign and we ran for State Legislature and came very close to winning that race – and learned a lot of things and met a lot of people. ..As you know we ran against an incumbent who was well equipped and well financed and we jumped into the race and had a very strong showing. That motivated me.”
Question: As County Commissioner, what would be the first thing to on your agenda to handle?
“People want clean and safe neighborhoods. My career has been working with young people. We’ve had drive-by shootings, we’ve had killings… so one of the first things I’m going to do is first to try to cleanup our neighborhoods and work with our Sheriff to make sure that we have safe neighborhoods… and get some programs for our young people. The greatest investment would be in human capital and our young people need an opportunity to be successful. So one of the first things that would be on my agenda would be implementing more youth programs,  job training programs, recreational programs and being an advocate for our children and making sure our neighborhoods are clean and safe.”
Question: There is supposedly a cloud hanging around you and why you left Salvation Army, can you expound?
Absolutely – no cloud – I left Salvation Army in great standing, after 21 years. John Chandler… who was the Chairman of the Board, even two or three years after I left…(I have a letter I can forward you of the glowing remarks)…who was my boss. I retired after 21 years, which was a planned retirement, I had been planning to retire for about a year and a half…that is certainly a rumor, I left there in very good standing. I had been there for 21 years and had started working there when I was 15 and had always had the desire to start our own grassroot non-profit, Southern Youth Sports. In  2005 my father got sick and I took over the construction company, which was that was a great transition…we left there with high remarks”
Question: So for the record, there is no investigation, or anything involving fraudulent funds or misuse of funds?
“Absolutely not. I left there in 2005 and had there been any discrepancy, I think that by 2012 – there would’ve been some charges but no. We left there. I don’t where that rumor started, people love to start that rumor and actually spending somewhere 21 years and moving on to another program, there are going to be a lot of people that follow you but we left the Salvation Army in good standing.”
Question: What promises can you make to the voters of Pensacola?
“The promise that I make is that I’ll listen, I’ll be diligent and I’ll be an advocate for the people, you know – that’s the promise that I make. I think so many times, politicians make promises, that you can’t keep. I will be a voice for those that don’t have a voice and I’ll represent my community to the best of my ability.”
Question: Do you still have charges pressed against Hugh King and if so how important do you feel moving forward is?
“I’ve not talked publicly to the newspaper or any media about this situation… what I’ve learned to do, in life, is try to set myself as an example to the young people – that we have to forgive, forget and move on –  and we have to love each other. That’s my goal, is to not be divisive in this community and not do anything that will harm relationships.
Question: So have you and Hugh called a truce?
“I have not commented on that…I have a mutual amount of respect for Mr. King and the King family. I won’t comment on any of that. I love all of my neighbors and I have no ill will toward anybody and I just wanna see this community heal move and forward.”

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