Virtuous Women International Honors Dr. Janice Crenshaw

At their 8th Annual Excel Award banquet, Virtuous Women International Ministries paid tribute to Dr. Janice Crenshaw for the work she has done in the Pensacola community.

As the guest began seating, Dr. Crenshaw was escorted in by her husband along with Captain David Alexander of The Pensacola Police Department and First Lady Vonda Yates of Zion Hope P.B. Church.   Ms. Marilyn Franklin sang a solo followed by a welcome by Evangelist Corinne Conway.

Dr. Crenshaw and her husband pastor Kingdom Life Worship Center in Pensacola and Atlanta, Georgia.
She also started the first prayer in Pensacola to take back the community.   “Her credits are in the area of Health Care and in the education system in Pensacola.

“We just wanted to honor Dr. Crenshaw for her accomplishments I the area of Pensacola and surrounding cities.  She has traveled around the country (internationally) doing the same thing.” said Sis Conway.  Virtuous women’s purpose is to restore women to God’s original idea and plan for life and purpose. Virtuous women work to see women transformed by the renewal of her mind and to discover her God given ability to lead.”  Also Dr. Crenshaw is an author of several books.

Mayor Ashton Hayward and Bishop Charles Young also honored Dr. Crenshaw for her accomplishments.

After acknowledgements of appreciation by Captain Alexander, the guests were treated to a fabulous dinner catered by Shelia’s Its Personal.

Guest speaker for the occasion was First Lady Vonda Yates. “I can compare Dr. Crenshaw to a woman in the bible,” said Dr.  Yates. “Phoebe in the book of Romans was sent to Rome with a letter by Paul.  As a result, it turned the life of Romans around. Such is the case with Dr. Crenshaw.  God has given her a word and she is delivering it to the community and the country.  As a result the word she’s carrying is turning the life of many people here and abroad.”

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