Virtuous Women International Ministries Holds an Every Mary Needs and Elizabeth Breakfast

As women entered the Ashbury Building Satur- day morning, breakfast was not the only thing they were coming to enjoy. For as the moment arrived, the Holy Spirit poured out his blessings to all who were in attendance.

Women throughout the

Pensacola area came and listened to four dynamic speakers who delivered a word unlike any other.

“We want you to en- joy and expect something this morning,” said Sister Karen Conway. “God has blessed me to travel all ove

the country; Africa twice, Canada and throughout the United States. There is a wooing of the Holy Spirit for us to come together and get it right. We don’t have long now,” she said.

“The theme for the break- fast is ‘Every Mary Need

and Elizabeth’. When Mary was told by an angel that she was pregnant with the baby Jesus, she told Eliza- beth. Mary had never been pregnant before, so she talked with Elizabeth about what to expect and feel- ings she was having. The

bible says that Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist. And when Mary went to visit Elizabeth, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb leaped.

John the Baptist was the forerunner of Christ and even in the womb he rec- ognized the Saviour.

Mary and Elizabeth went through the birthing pro- cess together. Through Elizabeth, Mary under- stood what to expect.

In life, it’s the same way. There is always someone who has been there are done that.” said Conway.

“We have to give our tes- timony,” said Sister Kathy Cobb. “The only way I can get to or through to some- body is by my testimony of how God has been to me. He has spared me from a lot,” she said.

As Mother Sawyer of Power House AOG came forth,she blessed everyone with not only her testimo- ny but a song that had ev- eryone either standing to their feet or clapping their hands.

“I don’t care how long you have been going, where you are going, you need to understand that somebody has been down the road you are going,”- said Dr. Janice Crenshaw. “Every Mary Needs an Elizabeth.”

Sister Corrine Conway blessed the participants and entered into prayer and supplication for women who were in need. “God i truly in this place,” she said. We must always be careful to give him the Glo- ry and let him use us.

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