Visit Florida Shoots Advertising for BET Awards on June 23rd

IMG_9157Visit Florida, Visit Pensacola, and Black Entertainment Television are partnering on a commercial to promote Pensacola as a favorable destination for African-American tourists.  A crew out of South Florida arrived in Pensacola last Wednesday, June 4th and ended their visit with an early evening meet and greet reception at Five Sisters Restaurant in the Belmont and DeVilliers Historical Business District.  During the crew member’s work day in Pensacola footage was shot at the African-American Heritage Society and the Julee Cottage in the Pensacola Historical Village.

The Julee Cottage, which is the only official African-American museum in Escambia County was relocated to the historical village from its original location in Pensacola’s south end known as the “Tan Yard” community.  The significance of the house is that it was built around 1804 and belonged to Julee Patton, a free woman of color, who purchased the freedom of fellow enslaved blacks. The film crew also visited the Rosemond Johnson Beach, Community Maritime Park; the Belmont and DeVilliers area, and various locations in the Pensacola Historical Village.

The commercial is slated to begin airing during the BET Awards show on June 23rd.  It will continue to air in major urban markets which are being targeted for the commercial in such metro areas as Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas, and Washington D.C.  Black Entertainment Television (BET) is a basic cable and satellite television channel that as of February 2015 approximately 88,255,000 American households or 75.8% of households with a television receive BET.  Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the network became the first black-controlled company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange In 1991.

The commercial was commissioned by Visit Florida and Visit Pensacola. Visit Pensacola is Escambia County’s tourism promotion and programs management entity.  Visit Florida is a private/public marketing partnership in the United States and is designed to increase Florida’s tourism industry.  On June 19, 1996, Governor Lawton Chiles signed a bill that dissolved Florida’s Department of Commerce and turned its tourism functions over to the Florida Commission on Tourism. The Florida Commission on Tourism is a private/public partnership, consisting of the Governor, one member from the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives and representatives from the various sectors of the state’s tourism industry. In order to fulfill its mandate, the Florida Commission on Tourism created the Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation (FTIMC), which operates business as Visit Florida.

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