Warrington Community Holds Reunion

The Ole Skool Warrington Reunion Community held their reunion at the Lexington Terrace Park on Old
Corry Field Rd March 14-16th. Spearheaded and under the leadership of Michelle “The Queen” Crocker and Marlon “Malakee Shelton, the committee played a great part in bringing the community together. “We are a Warrington Community coming together to reminisce of the times we shared back in the day growing up,” said “The Queen”.

Warrington Veterans from the ages of 40 and up came together for fun, laughter, food, entertainment, games and much more. “We had over 100 people to attend this wonderful event,” she said.

The festivities started Friday, March 14 with Meet and Greet where everyone dressed to impress in their 70’s outfit. “We danced, and met each other to refresh our memory and enjoyed each other’s company while eating and sipping on ‘Old Skool’ frozen cups,” said Crocker. People from as far as South Florida, Atlanta and California came home for the joyous event.

Saturday March 15 was the big party/cookout. Most of the community came sporting their yellow “Warrington” t-shirts ready to continue the fun and reminiscing of Ole Skool times. “As each section of the “hood” gathered for their picture, everyone scramble to represent their group. “If you lived on the hill come on down. We don’t need to tell you who you are if you lived there!” shouted one of the organizers.

And pose they did. Some giving the neighborhood sign while others posed and laughed as they enjoyed the moment.

Sunday the group fellowshipped at the First Baptist Church of Warrington followed by dinner afterwards at the Marie Ellis Davis Park on Raymond Street in Warrington.

“This event was meant to bring us closer together as well as to make sure the history of Warrington is not lost; especially with the current generation. We are forming ways to get more involved and be active in our schools and Warrington community,” stated Crocker.

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