We Have Rights Too


By Larry Williams

Approximately 100 years after the Civil War, Lyndon Baine Johnson said, after he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that Democrats had lost the South for a generation. So, the turnover began with the election of Ronald Reagan and was completed with the Republicans taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1995.

Since then, we have elected several U.S. Presidents (including our 45th) who is governing with a cloud of corruption and collusion hover over ‘the swamp’. In addition, he is the first billionaire elected to the office. (A King has the keys to the Kingdom!)

Further our current governor, who is a multi-millionaire had to plead the 5th a record number of times to avoid incriminating himself, in regard to Medicare and Medicaid fraud. This is the same governor who has refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (aka OBAMACARE) and denied the restoration of rights to ex-felons. This is political hypocrisy at the highest level.

Even our current representative is out of touch with residents in his district. He authored a bill to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This too, is another example of draining ‘the swamp’, by taking us back to smog hovering over Los Angeles, or acid rain in our northern cities.  Maybe he thinks the living conditions in our community with the many environmental hazards we have had to live through are acceptable. He does not speak to my community’s environmental concerns!

Another observation of government these days is that it is about the money. Even at the local level, the desire and vote to close Rawson Lane was built on alleged illegal block voting and based further on their financial contributions to the county. It appears they could court political favor due to their financial clout and ‘swampy’ voting practices.

So, here we are again petitioning our local government of majority rule to not forsake our minority rights.

We have the same rights as all tax paying citizens to live in communities free of environmental hazards!

We have the same rights as all tax paying citizens to live in a community where the majority of our children graduate from high school. Currently, less than half of the children entering high school graduate. That is failure, and obviously, it disproportionately affects children in our communities or else the Superintendent of schools would not still be the Superintendent of school.

We have the same rights as all tax paying citizens to expect our men be incarcerated in portion to their population groups. This is perceived as criminal, in and of itself and obviously, it disproportionately affects men in our communities, or else the Sheriff would not still be the Sheriff.

We have the same rights as all tax paying citizens to live in a community where we expect to have proportional representation throughout government, in employment and contractual services i.e. local government, ECUA, and school system. Currently, we have less than our fair share of our own tax dollars being circulated in our own communities, whether in employment or services provided. This is a systemic failure, and obviously, it disproportionately affects our community, or else the majority community would be standing before you today.

So, I stand before you with all the same rights as all tax paying citizens who live in this county, NOT expecting our local government to do much on behalf of our community. Knowingly, these individuals are not Donald Trump, Rick Scott, Matt Gaetz, or an employee of the local institution that uses its influence to enact laws that meet their needs. Nevertheless, they do represent the very people who helped elect them and therefore subscribe to the political philosophy of the Golden rule of establishing policies (of he who has the gold-rules).

(As previously mentioned), I would like to speak to our Wedgewood community and others like it, by saying you are a beautiful, courageous, visionary people, and a great asset to our community and this county. I admonish you to continue to stand up, fight back, and re-build the village for the next generation. We must find a way to help ourselves, invest in our children and help our elderly live gracious lives, through pooling our resources of time, talents and treasures and training our next generation of leaders. We must find a way to do more for ourselves, because help is not coming any time soon!

And let’s have a memory like the elephant or Republican, remembering in 2018, 2020, 2024, 2040 and beyond of those who vote against us and our interest. Let’s bring the families to together, eliminate the division and those who would divide our communities by working against us to improve our quality of life, and live the American dream!

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