Wedgewood Community Continues Battles with BCC


The community of Wedgewood is still battling the EPA and the BCC to clean up their neighborhood and surrounding areas of environmental hazards.

A hearing has been rescheduled (August 3rd) to re-approve or disapprove the permit of the local concrete company.  The hearing was originally scheduled for July 18, 2017.

“We have been going before this BCC for over three years petitioning them to remove all of the environmental hazards in our community and surrounding areas.  In that three years, no other community has had an ongoing issue that has not been resolved in the citizens’ favor and to their satisfaction,” said Larry Williams, Sr.  “We are beginning to think they are not going to resolve these environmental issues to our satisfaction.  We are pro-business and have proposed that they find an area to create an environmental industry and supporting  businesses that would be safe for citizens and prosperous for businesses, but not in our back yard!” Williams continued.

“So, I would like to speak to our Wedgewood community and others like it, by saying you are a beautiful, courageous, visionary people, and a great asset to our community and this county. I admonish you to continue to stand up, fight back, and re-build the village for the next generation. We must find a way to help ourselves, invest in our children and help our elderly live gracious lives, through pooling our resources of time, talents and treasures and training our next generation of leaders. We must find a way to do more for ourselves, because help is not coming any time soon!” stated Williams.

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