Wedgewood Not To Be Forgotten

IMG_4731By: Tonya Jackson

The Wedgewood and Rolling Hills Homeowners Association (HOA) meets once a month at the Marie K. Young-Wedgewood Community Center and Park. This community is in the middle of, as one neighbor puts it, “by 11 garbage pits”. These pits are toxic and, at least, a few are subject to ignite in flames, as one of them did on the Sunday before this HOA meeting. While everyone agrees something needs to be done, a decision is still pending regarding how this matter will be resolved and until a decision is made this is a community with families, and needs and this association addresses those needs.

Linda English, of Re-imagine Worldwide, gave a presentation for the next Re-imagine Wedgewood. According to English, this free event is an opportunity for the organization to, “love on the community” and “is open to all”. Re-imagine Wedgewood is scheduled for Saturday, April 23rd and will include a food giveaway, health screens, haircuts, activities for the entire family, and much more. For more information, contact Linda English at 850-454-5280.

 This HOA meeting also included attendance from several political hopefuls, Charles Thornton, candidate for ECUA board, district 3; Doug Baldwin, Sr., Escambia County Sheriff candidate; and Mizra Ahmad, candidate for Escambia County Commissioner district 3. The candidates introduced themselves to the HOA and fielded questions from those in attendance.

 Annie Moultrie emotionally shared how she and her family have lived in the area for years and now her children are paying the price. She has a son who has had multiple surgeries to remove brain tumors. They recently learned a tumor has returned and that the doctors want to send him out of the state for treatment. In light of the recent fires erupting, her comments were a stark reminder that this is still a dangerous environment and that excellent representation is needed now more than ever.

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