Welcome To Back On The Blocks Festival 2016


By: Shirley Terrell-Stone

changed everything and to honor their mother’s memory and legacy the group

changed their name to the Jewelstone Singers. The story behind the name is the

father nicknamed their mother “Jewel” because he said she was so precious in

every way, shape, and form. So that’s how the VIPs of gospel music was born the

“Jewelstone Singers”. Their music is a representation of how God was manifested

in her life and the teachings of holiness in her families lives. The essence of the

group is expressed in the music.  Look them up on FaceBook at Jewelstone Singers, Twitter at @jewelstone03, Youtube: Jewelstone 3 is 1, and Instagram: Jewelstone_Singers.  Check us out!!!! LISTEN TO SOME OF OUR MUSIC FOR

FREE AT: http://www.jango.com/music/Jewelstone+Singers?I=0.  Contact us:

jewelstonesingers@gmail.com, inbox us on Facebook, call, or text.

Larsira Cunningham, Manager of the Jewelstone Singers


Friday, November 4th – Saturday, November 5th, “Back on the Block Festival 2016” held its 3rd year Festival at Belmont Cultural Center 432 West Belmont St. in the Historic Belmont –DeVillers neighborhood in downtown Pensacola.  This two-day festival started on Friday, November 4th with poetic justice from AuthorTalk , that featured  regional and nationally-recognized authors and poets who share new and intellectually stimulating ideas.  Also, there was musical renditions from Beats on the Block, a toe-tapping, finger-snapping, high-stepping, beat bopping jam session; a history lesson from Roots, Rhythm and Movement that told the story of African American culture through dance and music.

There were the Arts for all Ages from ArtBlock, which featured mural art shows with artist-in-residence, talks and children’s educational and interactive performances, the G.R.A.P.H.I.C.S for S.H.O.W. which showcased artisan’s skills for sale or hire.  Also performing were Graffiti Residents, Artisans, Photographers, Heritage Impressionist, Craftsmen, and Sculptors demonstrating their creative skills at their craft.

Closing out the event was Soulful Shorts, Snip-its, and Mini Film Viewing a screening and viewing of legendary greats in the film, videos, musicals, and short documentaries on the big screen of African American culture.

Day two of the Festival started early Saturday morning with our Emcee Ms. Kim Jennings welcoming the Mayor and Sponsors.  The opening ceremony began with “Beats On the Blocks” from Washington High School and Pensacola  High School. The Delta Steppers stepped to their Theme Song, “Everyday People” played by Real Love Band Lead by Nielah Spears.  They continued with a 2nd piece “Dance To The Music  ” and 3rd piece “Get Ready

The Vernon Watson/Dance Konnection, Line Dance, Roots, Rhythm & Movement line danced with more of the community participating:  John Powell, Jr./Violinist Rechell & the Regeneration  Band, Band Belmont Youth Band, The Jazz-Spell Psalmist, Shirley Stone,  DJ & Doc Master.  The evening of dancing ended with a Soul Train Line.

The crowd was treated to a food delight Culinary Demonstration by Five Sisters, Chef Lenora Hingle, Everyone was taken back into to time with a 70’s Costume the Belmont and DeVillers area was brought back to life.

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