What Does God Say About It? “I Dare You To Trust God” – Part I


By: Teacher Evelyn J. Hagger

Hallelujah!  Thank God for another opportunity and another chance to evangelize through publications. I have had at least a 10 year sabbatical, but I am back in my lane doing what I was born to do.   I cannot thank The Pensacola Voice for obeying God and accepting me once again, and I cannot thank Father enough for choosing me, an ordinary person to do it once again.

To you who reads this message, I come to you as a ‘Voice’ and not an ‘Echo’.  My challenge to you today is to really, truly, for real, without doubt, without any reservations, just sho-nuff trust God!

What I love about the Lord is that He, God, pays BIG especially when you obey what He tells you to do and trust Him for the rest.  After a ten year absence from writing this column, the Lord said, “Make the call”.  I made the call and here I am. God is so faithful.

You see, it is easy to take your eyes off of Jesus and start focusing in on the circumstances, the need, the problem, or someone else.  But today, as you read this message, I dare you to trust the Lord.  At this NOW hour, you have got to know who you are and whose you are and you must know that Jesus is the only One who will never leave you, disappoint you, or forsake you.

Let’s take a look into the Word of God and give some past examples of those who dared to trust God, who dared to sell out to Jesus, who dared to be led by the Holy Spirit.  Remember Noah? He trusted God and he and his entire family were saved when the flood waters came.  Abraham dared to trust God and he received the promise of the inheritance even though he was way past age.  Isaac trusted God, lived in Gerar as instructed, sowed in Gerar during the famine and reaped in the same year a hundred-fold harvest.  Ruth trusted God, did not return to her homeland of idol gods and tradition of men and she ended up in the genealogy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  And let’s not forget Esther who trusted God.  She went before the king unannounced, made her request and played a significant role in saving the people of God from being wiped out.  Mind you, she could have lost her life by doing so.

You remember I said in the beginning of this message that I am a ‘Voice’ and not an ‘Echo’? Friends, the next time I will share with you why this challenge of trusting God is so very important.  We have to do it.  Until the next time, you be blessed.

To you who do not know Him, yes, it is a step of faith and a change of heart, mind and attitude.  You’ve tried everything else.  Why not try Jesus?  With God, you cannot lose.  I challenge you to throw caution to the wind, move out of your comfort zone and just dare to trust God!

(For more information call or write:  Evelyn J. Hagger – P.O. Box 22736 – Beaumont,

Texas 77720 – (409) 866-2210).  I would love to hear from you.

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