What Does God Say About It? “I Dare You To Trust God” – Part II

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By: Teacher Evelyn J. Hagger

Praise the Lord!  The last time we were together, I brought before you some Biblical heroes who had trusted God in times past.  I shared with you that trusting God the Father is something that we have to do if we are going to make it on this Christian journey.  It is the main thing that the enemy, the devil, our adversary does not want us to do.  He wants us to doubt our Father.  But in Numbers 23:19 I got a word that says “God is not a man.  He cannot lie.  If he said it, He will do it.  If He has spoken it, it shall come to pass.”  We must believe God!  Read on.

Do you remember in the beginning of this message I said I am a ‘Voice’ and not an ‘Echo’?  Well, before coming to Beaumont and the Golden Triangle, Pastor John and I were quite satisfied, content and happy being traveling evangelists.  We were snuggled in our comfort zone.  He had a thriving limousine business and I had a 19-year career as a documentation analyst at a large utility company in Houston.  We were both born and raised in Houston.  All of our hopes and dreams were birthed in Houston.  Houston was all we knew.  We lived in suburbia Houston and attended Lakewood Church in Houston where we had and enjoyed having two soft, comfortable, close-up seats.  As the young people would say, “We had it going on,” so we thought.

But then something happened that shook up our little world and would cause us to dare to really trust God.  Pastor John heard from God.  One might say he had an ‘Abraham experience’.  The Lord spoke to him and told him to leave family, friends, business, everything that we had worked so hard for and come to the Golden Triangle and start a church.  Needless to say, that was not good news to me.  But to you who reads this message, “I Dare You To Trust God”.

Friends, we made that move going on twenty-seven years ago this December 9th, 2017.  Let me sum up in a nutshell what I have learned about Father in these past 27 years.  He is excellent at sustaining His children through every plight of life.  It is when we are least certain that God is the most faithful!

My dear friend, we obeyed God.  We dared to trust God.  We have trusted God, and we are still trusting God.  The Lord has brought us out, brought us through; and now at this writing, He is bringing us over!  Just like He did the children of Israel.

Pastor, Pastor’s wife, child of God, ministry worker, career man or woman, housewife, househusband, business owner, or student, if you love the Lord, God is calling for YOU to just dare to trust Him for everything and in all things. To you who do not know Him, yes, it is a step of faith and a change of heart, mind and attitude.  You’ve tried everything else.  Why not try Jesus?  With God, you cannot lose.  I challenge you to throw caution to the wind, move out of your comfort zone and just dare to trust God!

(For more information call or write:  Evelyn J. Hagger – P.O. Box 22736 – Beaumont,

Texas 77720-2736 – (409) 866-2210).  I would love to hear from you.

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