What Does God Say About It? It’s All Working Together For Your Good – Part 4

By Evelyn J. Hagger

Praise the Lord!  This is our final message on ‘It’s All Working Together For Your Good’.  If you have missed any of these messages, get a copy of the ‘GulfCoast Voice’.  I am sure they will be more than happy to accommodate you.

But before we get into our last message, if you need a Savior, Jesus Christ is your answer today.   You have tried it all.  Why not try Jesus?  Just repent of your sins and ask him to forgive you.  This is what He does.  This is not silly or crazy.  This is sealing your eternal home with Jesus forever. Now find yourself a good Bible-based church and start learning of Him.

Today our lesson is about three widows.  Actually, it is about two widows.  Two who went on with God, and one whom we never heard from again.  Yes, you guessed it.  How can we share about ‘It’s All Working Together For Your Good’, and not mention Ruth and Naomi?  We are going to go a little deeper today.  I ask you:  What are the odds of three healthy men, husbands of three healthy women all taking a flight out of here after leaving a land of famine and moving to a land of plenty at that time?

My friends, it’s like we stated in message Part 2 of this series.  Ruth and Naomi found out that where they were was never suppose to be their final destiny.  I cannot emphasize this enough throughout this series.  You don’t park on the bridge.  You cross over the bridge.  You don’t stay in the hard times.  You come out so much better.

What God was doing here with these three women was making a destiny shift in their lives.  It had already started in the spirit realm, and now it was where the rubber meets the road.  Leave or Go back.  Orpah could not go where God was taking Ruth and Naomi, so she made the decision to turn back. And they did not plead with her to stay.  Please read the entire book of Ruth and see where these two women wound up.  Their final destiny was to be in the genealogy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   

Right now, I must speak to you prophetically.  Father says, “When you come out of your grief; when you come out of your pain; when you come out of your despair; when you come out of your hurt and confusion, there will be some who will not be able to go with you to the next level of blessings, favor, grace, wide open doors of opportunity where He is taking you.  Know that the adversity right now is a sure sign He, Father has purposed for your advancement, elevation, a rising from where you are.  You are about to experience an unstoppable, unbeatable, undefeatable anointing.  This is what happened with Ruth and Naomi.  Father is bringing you out of the chaos, trouble, negative circumstances you have been going through and he is bringing you into the ‘afterwards’, the ‘blessings’.  Go with the shifting that Father is doing in your life.  Don’t worry about who is not willing or unable to go with you.  Father says, “You are coming out of your spiritual Moab and you are being led into your Divine Bethlehem.  You are being transitioned into a major portal that is opening up to you”, says the Lord.

Before I close out, Father, wants me to remind you that blessings always follow obedience. These two women were blessed beyond their wildest imagination. Trust Father and let your righteousness prevail even in the midst of your fiery furnace.

Until the next time, I sincerely love you and remember, it is ‘All Working Together for Your Good’. If you have been blessed by these messages, contact me at: P. O. Box 22736 – Beaumont, Texas 77720-2736 or call me at: (409) 866-2210.  I would love to hear from you.

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