What Does God Say About It? Jesus Wants To Change Your Season Part II – Healing

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By: Teacher Evelyn J. Hagger

Hallelujah!  In the Book of Ecclesiastes we are assured that there is a right time for everything.  Chapter 3:11 says, “Everything is appropriate in its own time.”  Child of the King, God wants you to know today that it is not by chance nor happenstance that you are reading this message.  He wants you to know it is appropriate for you, not tomorrow, but right now that He, God is Changing Your Season. You’ve been praying and believing and trusting God to do it for you.  And now He is!  Let’s get right into our lesson.

Today, our lesson comes from the New Testament.  Beginning in Luke 5:17 there is a story about a paralytic man who was healed. Let’s just set the stage.  Jesus was teaching.  The Bible says there was a mix of people in the house—Pharisees, lawyers, doctors, all from different backgrounds.  The word of God also says that the power of God was in the house to heal any and everybody.  But according to the word, nobody got healed but the paralytic.  (I’ll tell you why in a minute).

Now here we have men bringing in this paralytic on a bed to the meeting.  They could not get into the meeting through the door, the conventional way.  But because they were determined to get their friend saved, determined for God to change his season, determined to see the healing power of God flow through him, they tore up the roof of the house and lowered him down right in front of Jesus.  Now I do not recommend to anyone to do what they did.  But the one thing I have learned is this:  desperate situations call for desperate measures.  And they were ready for God to change their friend’s season. This man was the only one healed because he was the only one who came to the meeting to be healed.  He was brought with PURPOSE!  God is changing your season for a purpose!

In conclusion, God wants you to know that during your change of season, this is your year of unusual and unconventional blessings.  This was definitely an unusual way to get Jesus’ attention.  But it did.  Secondly, by them lowering him in the midst of the crowd, this act alone, according to the word of God in verse 20, allowed Jesus to see their faith.  And to answer your question, yes, faith can be seen.  And Jesus wants to see your faith as you move toward your destiny.  I cannot say this enough, child of God we have got to just trust God.  And finally, when all was said and done, the sin that was binding him had to loose him and let him go. This man’s season was changed by God instantly.  He was carried in, but he walked out.

Today, God wants you to walk out of defeat, despair, depression and delay and into your destiny.  You have been carried by those crippling spirits long enough.  Today is your day to experience the refreshing change of the suddenly walking into your destiny.  The Lord promises to be with you and never forsake you.  I ask you, are you willing to trust God and follow His leading?  Say ‘yes’ to His will and say ‘yes’ to His way.

(If you are being blessed by these messages, feel free to call or write:  Teacher Evelyn J. Hagger – P. O. Box 22736 – Beaumont, Texas 77720-2736 – (409) 866-2210; or e-mail me at: tejh@gtbizclass.com.  I would love to hear from you.

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