What Does God Say About It? Jesus Wants To Change Your Season Part VI – I AM THAT I AM

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By: Teacher Evelyn J. Hagger

Hallelujah!  Today we are concluding this particular series.  For the past several weeks we have all discovered that the God we serve has been, is, and shall be whatever we need Him to be in our lives.  Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, and today,  and forever. This scripture alone should reinforce within us that the God served in times of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, etc. is the same God we serve today.  Only we are under a new and better covenant.

During this series, we saw Father come to the rescue of a widow woman who was experiencing what we call in our day, ‘The Pile On’.  Everything that could happen to her, did happen.  But God!  Elisha, instructed her on how to get out of debt and she obeyed.  The miracle of this provision is that it never ceased! II Kings the 4th chapter.

Determined friends in Luke Chapter 5 brought a paralytic to Jesus while he was teaching  and dumped him right in the middle of the conference that was taking place.  The power of God for healing was in the house according to the word of God. However, only this man was healed.  The miracle took place because Jesus could actually see their faith’.   And this man was brought to that meeting with purpose.

In Mark 5:25, we find a woman who had been ostracized from society because of her condition.  Have you been kicked to the curb because of yours?  Well, read on.  She pressed her way into the crowd passed the naysayers, and theysayers.  She knew that if she could just get to Jesus, she would be made whole.  After everything she had been through, she knew that this was HER TIME and SHE REFUSED TO BE DENIED!

The next person who had a change of seasons was a man who had been laying by a pool for 38 years according to John 5:1-9.  Everyday he waited for an angel to come down and disturb the water.  However, one word from the Lord changed his season and he was delivered from the bondage he had been holding on to.

And then we met Zacchaeus in Luke 19.  A man who was hated by his peers.  Oh, but thank God for Jesus who loved him.  Zacchaeus in the end loved much and much was forgiven him.  A spiritual son of Abraham was found and restored (Luke 19:9).  Zacchaeus received the greatest gift—that of salvation.

And today, here we are with Moses in Exodus Chapter 3 with the ‘I AM THAT I AM’.

We said all of the above to say the following:  Whatever you need Jesus to be in your life,

He is all of that and so much more.  If God can make Himself known in a burning bush,

He can make Himself known in any way, shape, form or situation you need Him to. All Jesus wants is to see your faith and your trust in Him.

(If you are being blessed by these messages, feel free to call or write:  Teacher Evelyn J. Hagger – P. O. Box 22736 – Beaumont, Texas 77720-2736 – (409) 866-2210; or e-mail me at: tejh@gtbizclass.com.  I would love to hear from you.

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