What Happened to Peace and Love in America?

By Roger Caldwell

When a White man murders 58 people, and injures another 527 in America, he is not considered a terrorist. Maybe a terrorist must have a different skin color, or maybe an Islamic name, but he surely cannot be White with a European name.
As the investigation continues, people are wondering, how this could happen in the land of the free? But, there are over 300 million guns owned by Americans. When a citizen can own 47 guns, and no one asks any questions as to why he needed so many guns, something is wrong.
All over America, there are organizations and individuals that own an arsenal of firepower, and no one is asking questions. As long as Americans can have their money, guns, a bible, their second amendment rights, and the National Rifle Association (NRA), things are good.
It really does not matter if there is a mass shooting every day in America because this is considered normal, and no one is supposed to say anything. It has already been established that the shooter, Stephen Paddock. had a “history of psychological problems.”
As more adult Americans buy guns, soon our children will also own guns, and settle disputes by who has the biggest gun. In certain inner city schools, the metal detectors are not able to detach all the guns coming into schools, and someone is shot everyday around the country.
If a gun is not brought into the school, it can be hidden near the school and accessible to the student once they are dismissed. In 2017, gun violence and gun purchases are associated with mental sickness, and millions of Americans don’t feel fully dressed without their guns.
This sickness is manifested in the mass marketing of guns. Everywhere you look on the internet, guns are being sold, and very few questions are asked about the age, mental competency of the buyer.
The mass killing in Las Vegas is the deadliest mass shooting in US history, but it is too early to talk about reducing guns on the street. Mr. Paddock, 64 years old, was armed with 23 weapons, including semi-automatic rifles, and it was obvious that he was going to war.
Even though he was in Las Vegas and there was really no enemy, he was preparing to end the lives of many Americans, and his own life, but again, he’s not considered a terrorist. So the FBI and other police organizations will spend the next month’s looking for a motive, but insanity can be difficult to understand.
The same Americans who tell us that our founding fathers give us the right to bear arms are also psychologically unstable, and at any time can snap and commit mass murders.
As mental health issues impact millions of Americans, people are hurting, and they have no place to discuss their problems. Mental health storms are raging in every corner of every community, and many are traveling on the road to hate.

It is easy to blame Muslims and so-called terrorists, but very few Americans are really observing their crazy neighbor, Joe, who hates everything and everyone. Crazy Joe gets drunk the entire weekend, and goes out shooting his 10 guns at the gun range.
No one questions this behavior as bizarre or deranged because for the last ten years, Joe has always behaved this way. But, somewhere in the world of peace and love, this kind of behavior is not permitted or accepted as being normal.
Peace and love are two powerful words that are not discussed in America because our leaders are fixated on war. Americans are hurting, and the path to hate will never produce love and peace.
America is consumed with too much violence, and the need to buy more guns. Many of us live in fear….. what happened to love and peace in 2017?

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