Where are My Sisters Host Prayer Rally: Travon Martin’s Mother Brings Hope

 On Friday October 17, 2014 the organization Where Are My Sisters had a prayer rally at St. John Divine Missionary Baptist Church.

The purpose of this event was to inform people that when it comes to violence, no matter what a person’s status is, no one is exempt.  In speaking with Terri Marshall who is the founder of Where Are My Sisters (WAMS) she stated that God laid it her heart and a few other sisters hearts to start this organization to help in the community.  The goal of this WAMS is to renew, and revitalize women through the word and education.  The goal is not to take the place of a church, but to enhance the church by empowering the women in the church.

Mrs. Marshall along with Nicole May, Nicole Jackson, and Brigida Fisher all worked tirelessly to get this event off the ground.  This is their 4th annual event and because of the violence and they felt it important to bring the community together.  Mrs. Marshall stated that “Polititians and community leaders as well as churches have been trying to figure out what we can do to stop the violence and  God placed it on our hearts  using the scripture from Jeremiah 9:17 -18 to have the wailing women come forth and pray”.

The event started with Pastor Corbin in prayer and then Terri Marshall (founder) gave the purpose of the event Nicole Jackson was the mistress of ceremony and Marilyn Franklin spoke.

There was also a special tribute to the families that have lost loved ones and Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, was  the keynote speaker. The one thing that stood out during her message was that she made it known that her speaking would not bring her son back, but it was important for her to move forward and become a beacon of light for others that may have suffer or has suffered a terrible lost such as this.  Finally, the event ended with Dr. Bettye Scott doing the community prayer.  Though this event was somber and a wake up call to all, the feeling of warmth and unity was ever present.  After the prayer was finished there was a releasing of balloons for all those that have been lost to violence.

The response from the event was welcoming because it did not just affect those that were present at the rally, but several communites around the city.  Those that attended this rally took what they received from the event and shared it within their communities.  This event brought back hope.

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