Where Do We Go From Here?

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By: Eladies P. Sampson, President (Pensacola Branch NAACP#5124)

As concerned citizens of our beloved community, we are again faced with the reality of a senseless shooting. We need to stop getting angry and do something, but violence is not the answer.  God is the answer and all of us must work together to build an environment of trust and calm.

We have prayed, rallied, marched, sent hashtags and tweeted. But the question of the day is how and where do we go from here?  We must get registered and we must VOTE.  We have to change our traditional pattern of only voting every four years because the most critical elections are held every two years in our local communities.

We must VOTE for elected officials, school board members, city and county commissioners and State and local legislators who share our vision and our values. Attending and actively participating in School Board meetings, City and County Council meetings are the bedrock of civic participation.  Our elected officials should see our face in the place and they will think twice before they cast votes that do not benefit us or our community.

We have the power to resolve the challenging issues that plague our community.  I encourage you to continue to speak out on social media when you witness an injustice. Believe me — our comments and tweets are being followed. We must also seek to engage and partner in courageous conversations with law enforcement officers who are sworn to protect and serve all the residents of our community. We need them and they need us to make our community safe. Don’t forget to register and VOTE!  Let’s pledge today to come together to being hope and healing to our community.  Yes! We Can!  Courage Must Not Skip This Generation.

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