Whitehurst, Wynder, Gant Family Celebrate Family Thanksgiving



It all began in 2000, when Robin Whitehurst Thomas and her husband, Dennis, decided to host Thanksgiving at their home for her siblings and family.  In the beginning, there was 25 to 35 family members enjoying a sit-down Thanksgiving dinner.  By the grace of God word spread and the festivities grew enormously.

In 2015 the festivities were moved to its present location, St James Missionary Baptist Church.  Also, in 2015, the Gant and other family members were invited to join in and the next thing everyone knew, more family members from near and far were added.  “The numbers just keeps growing,” said Leola Whitehurst Watts. “This year we had between 85-90 family members and friends.”

“We also have a remembrance ceremony for those who passed on before  Anyone can participate in any   they desire i.e. a song, a prayer, a praise dance or anything that works for the good of the family.” She said.  “At the end of the day, we all give thanks to God for our family.”

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