Woman to Woman Restore Conference Empowers


The Woman to Woman Restore Conference was held at New Dimension Christian Center Friday evening November 11 and Saturday, November 12, 2016.  Woman were blessed with words of inspiration, motivation and rejuvenation as hope was sown into many hearts as they gleaned from Psalms 23:3 “He restoreth my soul” The speakers, delivered words of encouraging sermonettes such as; Minister Francis Peters, asked us “Where is the God of yesterday-who can do all things?” Minister Yvonne Morris, questioned our belief with “Does he live in you when you have lost everything, whose report we will believe?” Co-Pastor Karen Montgomery pulled on our confidence with “Being called to pastoral-ship while unequipped” and Co-Pastors Annette Haston “questioned our obedience with, “The faith of Ruth to follow when you don’t understand God’s plan”.  These were women of God set a committed united standard that no woman who came to this conference would leave the way she came in.  They delivered words that were exceedingly  abundant above all that anyone could ask.

The host, Pastor Diane Burns’, words grabbed our dead dreams and brought them back to life with “The faith of a woman whose son was gifted as a promise by the prophet and then the son died; but faith allowed God to restore life to that son that was dead.

Then on Saturday, because sometimes women feel some of our dreams have died and cannot be restored, all were blessed to hear the words of The Hope Coach, Mrs. Tawanna Williams who gave a wakeup call, as tears fell from our eyes when she stated how we take things for granted; such as using our hands to eat, to clap, to wipe our tears, to hug our loved ones, to hold our children, to changing a diaper, to putting on our socks.   She said over and over again ‘we won’t raise out hands to just praise God for what we have to’ She stated “You may not like me but “I’m just saying keeping it real.“  Then she put this question before every lady at the conference “why are you not where God wants you to be”? Mrs. Williams pushed us into reality with   9 steps to Achieving Your Purpose of Restoration:

1. Change your mindset

2. Change the company you keep

3. Change the way you see yourself

4. Focus on what you want – if you don’t you will find yourself bound to something else

5. Find your Passion – that thing that won’t let you sleep

6. No more Excuses! Excuses don’t hide; they just reveal who you really are…

7. Speak what you expect

8. Get a Mentor

9. Figure it out – move on it with no instructions or directions, trust that God is in control

To see this confident, strong, woman of God who stood all but 4ft tall and who was born with no arms, with no excuses, due to the drugs given to her mother by doctors, and being told that she would not live to see 2 years of age achieve her goals was truly a blessing.  She is now 53 years old, a wife, a mother, an author, an artist, and a grandmother.

Her Grandmother said to her when she was four years old “God didn’t give you arms because you didn’t need them were supposed to have them you would have had them.  So baby you got to believe you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Then she asked the crowd “what’s your excuse.”

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