Women Telling Our Stories

On Thursday, October 12th, a powerful women’s event was held entitled ‘Women Telling Our Stories. Community activists and authors Kay Mitchell of Women’s Empowerment Brunch and Williemae Stanberry Dixon of A Will & A Way Inc., teamed up to host this event featuring women sharing their stories in various art forms. Mamie Webb Hixon and Robin Reshard did a beautiful job as the commentators for the evening. Lusharon Wiley kicked the program off with an informative but humourous drama about her experience and lessons learned working in the cotton fields as a youth. Priscilla Sapp then shared her testimony and sang a beautiful gospel song. Artist Jackie Gray Jackson displayed several of her pieces n the venue
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for view. Alicia McCreary Waters delivered two phenomenal and empowering poems. Both Kay and Williemae shared their stories as well as offered great advice to the ladies present in a Q and A at the end . The event, which was held at Its Personal Venue, owned by Ms Sheila Green, was a fundraiser to help women who have suffered from domestic violence. Sponsors include Real Women Radio and The Gulf Coast Voice.

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