Woodland Heights Community Resource Center Celebrates Opening

Woodland Heights celebrated the opening of its Community Resource Center Friday afternoon with a host of community members as well as city and county officials.

“It took about seven years to get this project started,” said Walter Wallace. “First, there was a study done to determine if the community in this area needed a center. Once that was determined, it went to the City Council where the funding came from the Local Option Sales Tax and the Mayor (Hayward) pushed it forward,” said Wallace.

The concept behind the center is to bring Arts and Culture to the children in the inner city. “Kids can come to learn art, painting, ballet, sewing, computer skills and give the children an option outside of sports,” said Wallace.

“We are looking for people with artistic skills that will come up and offer programs that our children can learn and grow. Teaching our young ladies how to dress and how to carry themselves is one thing we want to explore,” said Wallace. “We have a lot of people in our community that can come and volunteer an hour or so to help educate our children.”

“We want to make sure our children have a place that they can come and enjoy different artistic and cultural experiences.”

The center will also offer senior programs. “We definitely plan to offer Senior Programs, we just have to see what the community wants,” said Wallace.

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