Word Church International hosts a Mother & Daughter Tea

On Saturday, May 3, 2015, Word Church International hosted a Mother and Daughter Tea.  The purpose of the tea was to esteem and honor the beauty that exists in all women regardless of age.  As mothers entered the event with their daughters, the love and pride was obvious. This was their first annual tea that Word Church International hosted and there were several vendors present that offered instructions on health tips, beauty, make- up, jewelry and clothing.  Among the vendors was PJA Ministries who had their t-shirts for sale.  These shirts were being sold to help inner city youth obtain backpacks and school supplies, during their Destined for Greatness, Back to School Youth Explosion that will take place on August 7, 2015 at 6:00 PM at the Cobb Center.

The  Mother and Daughter Tea event was cozy and personal as the ladies exchanged their phone numbers with each other, business cards and shared tips and fashion ‘tricks’ .  When the program began everyone was in anticipation.   Inga Flagg, of the Inside Outside Support Group, ministered the word of God to the women.  The Inside Outside Support Group is designed to assist women that are released from prison to help them get re-established into the community, to help in finding jobs and any other assistance that may be required.  Ms. Flagg had more than just a few scriptures to share.  She expressed to all the women that they were destined for greatness and that it was important that they saw their own inner beauty just as God sees them. She also emphasized how the women should take good care of themselves.   “There are so many women that see themselves as less that what they are” she said, “but if you allow God to help you, He will show you the greatness that is inside.”  This was a  powerful, inspirational message that spoke to the hearts of the women.  Following this message, Ms. Katrice Johnson began to minister in dance.   Once the event was over, there seemed to be an atmosphere of calmness and relief as though many burdens had been lifted.  The women began to hug one another and continued to exchange information.   The saying is true, ‘Good things do come in small packages .  The event was small, nicely attended and it was power packed with a wonderful ambiance.  Everyone is looking forward to next year’s  Mother & Daughter Tea.

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