Young Golfer Has His Eyes on the Prize


Although Christian Heavens is young, he is not a novice when it comes to the game of golf.  “I’ve been playing since I was in diapers with my grandfather,” says Christian. “Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a golf club in my hands.  When I was seven months old, I got my first set of golf clubs”.

Christian credits his grandfather with teaching him to play golf.  “He is the main man in my life.  He is my mentor.”   Mr. Levester Heavens, who Christian is named after, lives in East St. Louis and talks every day with his grandson.  “I was named after my grandfather,” says Christian.   “My full name is Christian Levester Heavens.”

Christian began playing in tournaments at the age of 10.  “My grandfather made a lot of sacrifices for me in the game because it is very expensive.  Even at the junior level its expensive.”

Getting his education at Georgetown College with a major in Communications, he began his professional tour two weeks after graduation. “My back up plan is to use my degree in Communications if golf didn’t work out,”

Being an only child, Christina enjoys the game because as he says “it’s only you out there.”  Plus I love to travel. “He’s already had the experience of meeting Tiger Woods.  “I met him when I was nine.  He had a golf clinic in St. Louis and I had the opportunity to meet him there.”

When asked where does he see himself in one year he responded “ In one year I see myself having finished a full season on a PGA sanctioned tour event whether it’s a Canadian tour, Latin American tour I see my game much better and I will have more confidence.  People will recognize my name and I plan to do more community service helping children.”

Five years from now I definitely see myself playing on the PGA tour.  I plan to change the game a little bit.

As an African American male in the game he says that “the obstacles that I’ve seen from my area which is pretty rough, it’s a mindset.  People get into a rut that they really cannot get out of.  Since I’ve been professional, I’ve studied people.  I’ve read books and have seen the common denominator that we don’t really have access to in the “hood.”

“However, you’ve got to keep a positive mindset.  You can do anything possible if you put your mind to it.  The world is bigger than what you see in your little neighborhood area.”  “I don’t have all of the answers yet, but when I do figure it out, I am going to reach back and show people.”

Although he says he does not have all of the answers, this young man is destined to be great.  Remember the name: Christian Levester Heavens – next world famous golfer.



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