Young Man’s Dream

For Twymun Safford life has not always been easy.  Yet despite all, he has overcome most obstacles and is determined to get an education and pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut.
AHPA Foundation Dauphne Chapter awarded Twymun $2000 to attend school.  “I read this young man’s essay and he really touched my heart” said Chief Dodge.
Twymun is the middle child of five children.  “I remember when I was younger my mom was married to m dad and he got involved in drugs.  We ended up losing our apartment and my mom tried to take care of us.  We slept in our car and I decided that I wanted to be somebody and I was determined to go to school to get an education,” he said.
Although his mom remarried, life didn’t get much better or Twymun and his siblings.  Although he now had a step father, his mom now had problems and it left him feeling helpless and often sad and alone.
Yet through all adversity Twymun maintained a 4.5 GPA and managed to get into
Embry Aeronautical University through a program that a recruiter helped him get into. But because he could not afford to continue his dream, he had to leave.  “I’m at UWF now,” he said. I still want to be an astronaut, but  I have to take Engineering because they don’t offer programs in Aeronautical Engineering. I’ll take these courses until I can get money to continue my dreams” he said.  Twymun currently has a 3.5GPA and believes that you can attain your dreams.
Twymun has never been in trouble and loves to read and dreams about the day he climbs into his spacesuit to work in space.
“This is one young man that deserves his dream,” said Chief Dodge.
Twymun needs an Angel.  Won’t you please help obtain his dream?

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