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Growing up with parents that were giving and loving towards others gave this young lady this attitude and spirit of reaching out and helping others.

Priscilla Sapp, an aspiring 29 year old singer and humanitarian can be found mentoring young people and helping anybody any way she can.  “My parents, Elder Charles Sapp and Evangelist Geraldine Sapp raised my two older brothers, Jameel, Charles II and I in a Christian environment.  During week days my parents would have old fashion revivals.  My father has always been such a hard worker and very eager to help guide and direct young men in the right way, Priscilla said.  “My mother’s heart is made out of pure gold.  She would cook hotdogs, make pizza etc. for neighbor’s children and always opened the door to anyone that was in need. A few years later, my parents helped raise 22 children in one household.  I believe by sitting under so much love giving to God started preparing me fort ministry at a very young age”.

At a young age, Priscilla was always quiet which resulted in being bullied for many years.  This, she said, made her anti-social.  “I always felt joyful when singing.   Late one night I sat in my closet and started recording myself singing Kirk Franklin songs.  I felt so empowered to become anything I dreamed I wanted to be. Somehow my parents found out I could really sing and a very gifted producer helped me launch my music career at the tender age of 18 years old.”   Priscilla loved watching people connect with God through lyrics and music.  “It breathed inspiration and faith,” she said.  “I wanted God to use me to help direct young ladies to him more.  Music wasn’t enough!  I wanted to be the mouth piece for others who felt like they didn’t have a voice.  I wanted God to use me up and make me complete in Him because the world is always changing. They will support you today and next week they have a change of heart.  I wanted to have an encounter with God to change my perspective in life.  God has done that and more”!

At 18, PCS Outreach Ministries was born.  “We have several ministries to name a few.  We provide supplies for kids-educational tools and book bags for almost 200 children to help make sure they have the necessary tools to succeed in life.  She also has a Ministry for young ladies called Wait til Marriage.  They teach abstinence and self-respect through the word of God.  “The average girl experiences peer pressure and it’s very easy to be persuaded to go with the trends and do what everyone else is doing.  We teach bi-weekly 15 girls and remind them that Waiting til Marriage is a choice.  1.  They owe it to themselves.  2. They owe it to their future husband  3. Most importantly, they owe it to God.  Young ladies should always realize that being single doesn’t mean you are available.  It could mean God is working on the inside of you.  You need singleness to get everything He has for you.”

Coming up in July, there will be a Charity Event to help raise money for children, Inner Beauty by G.S Conference in September and at the end of the year, Priscilla will be releasing a “new project’.  “It might be music.  Whatever God says-God is still in Control,” she said.

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