Zetas “Bingo for Bags” Profits their Scholarship Fund

Dr. Lusharon Wiley


By:Tonya Jackson
Recently at Ashbury Place, off 9th Avenue, the local Zeta Phi Beta chapter, Gamma Tau held their inaugural bingo night. According to Dr. Lusharon Wiley, Senior Associate Dean of Students at the University of West Florida, “The Bingo for Bags” event was the brainchild of Zetas in central Florida. When the local president of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Gamma Tau Zeta Chapter heard about the idea, she brought it back to Pensacola. We thought it would be a great way to help get our name out in the community and earn money for the scholarship fund.”
Eryka Wallace, Assistant to the Dean for Communication at the University of West Florida, and Wiley took the lead in planning for the event. Desiree Brantley and Ebony Cornish rounded out the committee. Zetas from neighboring communities joined with local Zetas for support and the opportunity to win a bag.
As attendees arrived, they were treated to refreshments before games began. It wasn’t long before the first “Bingo!” of the evening was called. The first winner won a small designer bag. The second bingo winner won cash. At one point, an attendee was so excited she prematurely called “Bingo!” only to learn that that they were not playing standard Bingo.
Wiley also added, “The attendance was indeed right on par! We intentionally limited the number of persons to 120. We are planning to do it again in the future with the intention of making it much larger. Some of the winners included Ernest Dawson, Anita Schonberger, Angela Heard, and Bessie Dawson.”

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