Zoya Webster Philips Celebrates 75th Birthday

Sunday morning at Greater Union Baptist Church, friends from throughout the community as well as out of state came to worship with Mrs. Zoya Phillips and help her celebrate her 75th birthday.
Booker T Washington Class of 1960 also came to worship along with three hundred special guests to acknowledge Zoya’s birthday. Also visiting was Patricia Carter, past president of Florida General Baptist Convention. She is the widow of Dr. Mack King Carter.
With her sense of humor, she said “I’m so happy to see so many people come to see me and it’s not my funeral.”
She later gave a presentation of $1000 on behalf of the General Chappie James Flight Academy to the parents of Precious Dixon for her completion of the Academy. Precious is currently a freshman at Spellman College.
The Flight academy is a program where children can take classes to eventually get their pilot’s license.
The Class of 60 also gave a presentation to Greater Union of One hundred dollars.
Zoya (as she is known in the community) is the owner of Benboe’s Funeral Home in Pensacola. She has been instrumental in not only comforting families in their time of grief, but also gives to those in need and those who strive to better themselves.
After church service, everyone gathered in the Hall to enjoy refreshments and fellowship with the Birthday Lady.
Happy Birthday Zoya. We love you and wish you nothing but happiness and good health.


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